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My CWC is a space to learn about services and resources available to support your mental health.

Below, students share their “My CWC” plans and all the ways CWC's resources have assisted them in addressing concerns common among college students.

"I use my CWC to find resources that will give me tools with gratitude and stress management."

"I use my CWC to explore ways I can check in with myself and practice self-care."

"I use my CWC to connect with other students who are committed to growth."

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Find services & resources below to create your own "My CWC" Plan

A mental health wellness plan helps you keep track of what does and does not work for you in maintaining mental wellness.

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Find resources and services that give you space to talk it out.
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Listening to other's experiences can be illuminating and validating.
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Learn skills to grow your mental health tool kit and help others.