Suicide Prevention & Education

The Counseling and Wellness Center's Suicide Prevention & Education program is a campus-wide program focused on the prevention of suicide through training, resources, and outreach.


  • If there is an immediate threat to self or others, you are strongly encouraged to contact 911.
  • If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, visit our Suicide Prevention Resources for a list of hotlines and information about support.
  • For all urgent mental health needs, visit our Crisis Support page or call us at 352-392-1575.

    Why is it important to use Kognito?

    As a friend, family member or UF faculty you may be the first one to notice signs of distress of a student. At UF, it is our shared responsibility to look out for one another and we are here to support you help distressed students. The UF Counseling and Wellness Center offers a free online resource, Kognito, to help you notice when students show signs of stress, learn how to talk about these signs, practice sharing your concerns, and learn how to motivate them to seek help.

    Learn More About KOGNITO Training

    Suicide Prevention Training (QPR)

    Question, Persuade & Refer

    QPR (for Question, Persuade and Refer) is 1.5 hour interactive training for suicide prevention. The course covers myths regarding suicide, warning signs, and how to inquire about suicides. The course also includes an opportunity for questions and discussion. This training is available to faculty, staff, students, and organizations across the University of Florida campus.

    Group QPR Trainings

    We also offer QPR trainings for campus departments and offices and can accommodate group trainings of up to 35 people. If you are interested in holding a training for your area follow the button below and complete your request at least three weeks prior to your requested date.

    Request a QPR Group Training

    If you have any questions about the QPR Training, please call the Counseling and Wellness Center at 352-392-1575 and ask to speak with Dr. Amy Crandall

    How to Bounce Back

    Tips and Resources for Growing your Resilience

    Learn about how to bounce back with self care tips and resources for growing your resilience. Download How to Bounce Back leaflet

    Go to Growing Resilience page



    Ready to enhance your well-being? Join us to Build Your Gator Wellness Toolkit in recognition of suicide prevention awareness month!

    This week of transformative workshops is designed to equip you with tools, strategies, and skills to elevate your wellness!Whether you're seeking a sense of calm, personal growth, or a deeper connection with the campus community, this week has something for everyone.

    Let's embark on this wellness journey together and emerge stronger, healthier, and more resilient than ever!


    09/11: For The Gator Good
    • 11:30am-2:00pm | Plaza of Americas
    • Join us for a heartfelt gathering to remember& celebrate the lives of our loved ones. We will share memories & forge connections to strengthen the Gator community, while developing self-soothing techniques & coping strategies for times of remembrance.

    09/12: Get Your Gator Glow
    • 11:30am-2:00pm | CIME (Reitz Union 2nd Floor)
    • Join us for a hands-on experience where you'll create your own essential oil blend designed to help with self-soothing. Plus, grab valuable handouts packed with information about wellness resources, self-care & sleep hygiene. ALSO the first 10 students to participate will receive an exclusive Gator Glow tote bag!

    09/12: Mindful Gators Drop-In Space
    • 3:30-4:30pm | via Zoom | Link to Register
    • Join us to engage in mindfulness-based activities designed to help you navigate negative thoughts and develop essential skills for embracing self-acceptance.

    09/13: Rockin' The Reitz
    • 11:30-2:00pm | Reitz Union Tabling
    • Get ready to unleash your creativity and spread some positivity with us! During this event, you’ll get to channel your inner artist while we paint rocks with positive affirmations & inspiring phrases to serve as important reminders of your Gator strength, resilience, spirit!

    09/14: In All Kinds Of Weather
    • 11:30am-2:00pm | Cypress Gathering Room
    • During this session, you’ll learn about tips and tools to help you weather the storms of student life with resilience. You can participate in our “Weathering the Storm” activity, and/or create your own calming glitter jar to develop your Gator Wellness toolkit!

    09/15: Help A Gator Hunt
    • Scavenger Hunt: All Day via Social Media (@ufcwc)
    • Embrace your inner adventurer as we kick off an epic scavenger hunt! Throughout the day, we will post clues on our social media accounts (@ufcwc) that will lead you on a thrilling hunt across campus to discover wellness resources!

    • QPR Trainings: 11:00am-12:30pm & 1:00-2:30pm | via Zoom | Link to Register
    • The three steps of QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer) cover the warning signs of suicide and how to help those in crisis. You will also receive a QPR booklet as a review and resource tool.

    Other Resources & Trainings

    Struggling w/ Suicide - CWC Talks

    Struggling with suicide - CWC Talks Podcast

    Suicide Prevention Resources

    Our Suicide Prevention Resources page contains a list of support hotlines, suicide myths and facts, and information on how to support someone who is considering suicide.

    Visit our Suicide Prevention Resources