UFGIFT – International Initiatives

The UFGIFT team, 2018


The UF Gator International Focus Team’s mission is to meet the unique needs of our campus’ large and diverse international community. We believe nothing should stand between a student and their academic success, least of all the cultural barriers of studying in a foreign country.

UFGIFT is made up from a diverse team of campus service providers who share a passion for making UF a welcoming place for our international community. We host a number of workshops every year addressing issues unique to international students as well as improving cross-cultural understanding and knowledge among domestic students.

International Student Resources

With students and staff from over 150 countries here at the University of Florida, the international community is strong in Gainesville. However living in a different country comes with it's own set of challenges and the CWC is here to help.

Our International Students resources page is maintained by UFGIFT and lists CWC services specifically for international students as well as blog posts with useful information for those new to living in Gainesville.