Workshops provide the opportunity for students to learn new skills to strengthen personal resilience, develop healthy self-care habits, and grow their mental health awareness.

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The CWC is currently not offering in-person workshops. Find our latest online workshops below.

Online Workshops – Summer 2020

This weekly (every Wednesday) Zoom Discussion Space will serve as a venue to share the psychological, social, and emotional impact of the pandemic arising from abrupt endings, losses, uncertainty, and rapid unplanned changes and transitions. The discussion space is aimed at helping participants make sense of the experiences and identify ways to cope. Participants are free to join one or more weeks based on their needs. To ensure support and connection with each other, the participants will be required to keep their zoom video and audio on.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a space to address immediate crisis, risk to safety, and/or receive counseling. This space is open only to University of Florida students.

Led by, Drs. Sneha Pitre and Saloni Taneja

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Whether this is your first semester in a university setting or you are adjusting to distance/hybrid learning, there may be a need to set up your new workspace and develop new routines. This workshop will encourage your exploration in these areas by providing different ideas to help you reach personal and academic goals.

Led by, Hailey Brown and Dr. Shinlay Rivera

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This is now a workshop! Have you ever left a movie theater full of emotions, insights, and inspiration? Did the movie make you reflect on your own life experiences – struggles or gifts? Netflix & Fulfill provides opportunity to take advantage of the transformational power of film in helping us to heal and grow. Participants can engage in self-exploration through film to gain insight, inspiration, emotional release, and growth. To participate, view the selected film of the week prior to the Netflix & Fulfill workshop.
As you watch the film, ask yourself what part(s) of the film moved you? Do you identify with a character? Are there difficult parts to watch? What did you learn? Did you experience something that connected you to your inner wisdom? Jot down your reflections and zoom-in to engage a dialogue of self-exploration.
This week the selected film is Groundhog Day (1993), starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.

Led by, Drs. Rosa West and Shinlay Rivera

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Coping with Anxiety is a three-part workshop (Restructuring Thoughts, Mindfulness, Calming and Relaxation Techniques). The modules are not sequential, so students can start at any point they would like. In part 1, Restructuring Thoughts, students will learn how anxiety and thinking styles are related, how their emotions, thoughts, and behavior are interrelated, and how to restructure their negative ways of thinking.

Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni

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Coping with Anxiety is a three-part workshop (Restructuring Thoughts, Mindfulness, Calming and Relaxation Techniques). The modules are not sequential, so students can start at any point they would like. In part 2, Mindfulness, students will learn what mindfulness is and is not, learn how to incorporate it into their daily routine, and practice specific techniques.

Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni

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Coping with Anxiety is a three-part workshop (Restructuring Thoughts, Mindfulness, Calming and Relaxation Techniques). The modules are not sequential, so students can start at any point they would like. In part 3, Calming and Relaxation Techniques, students will learn skills and knowledge that allow them to ground and relax, improve sleep, and understand impact of food on anxiety. There will also be an overview of resources available at CWC for anxiety management.

Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni

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Procrastination is a common issue that can negatively impact our productivity and well-being. The purpose of the workshop is to gain a deeper understanding of procrastination and to learn strategies to combat it.

Led by Drs. Shu-Yi Wang and Saloni Taneja

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Do you judge yourself harshly when things don’t go well? Do you engage in self-criticism or think “Why me?” when you run into hardships or failures? You are not alone! Come learn how to reduce your self-critical voice and mind by engaging in self-compassion.

We will discuss what self-compassion is and is not, discuss ways to practice self-compassion, and guide you through a self-compassion exercise. Our goal is to provide an interactive, genuine, and connective space and dialogue with you!

Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni and Emily Squyres

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Wellness Wednesday provides opportunity for students to learn new skills to strengthen personal resilience and develop healthy self-care habits. Each week will feature a different skill to build resiliency.

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Managing Anxiety During Times of Crisis – WED May 20
In this skill building series students will learn strategies for managing anxiety during times of crisis. Skills reviewed will include decision-trees, worry postponement, and more.
Led by Dr. Rosa West

Imposter Syndrome – WED May 27
This skill building session will encourage you to reflect on ways you experience imposter syndrome, provide an overview of imposter syndrome, and discuss ways to combat imposter syndrome. There will be time reserved for Q&A at the end of the session.
Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni

Prioritizing – WED Jun 3
Students often juggle a number of tasks and responsibilities that can become overwhelming causing feelings of stress/anxiety. This skill building session will teach prioritization as a means of helping make the best use of your own efforts, allocate your time where it’s most needed, and free you from tasks that can be addressed later.
Led by Dr. Saloni Taneja/Gabby Woodard

Thought Identification – WED Jul 29
Our thoughts are powerful. They are automatic, quick and can feel difficult to control. They also impact how we feel and act, and sometimes this cycle can become vicious. This skill building session will help students learn to identify the patterns in their thoughts, and appraise which patterns are helpful and which ones could be modified, so one feels more in control of their feelings, especially anxiety and stress. The session will involve experiential exercises so bring a pen and paper along.
Led by Dr. Saloni Taneja

Cultivating Gratitude – WED Jun 17
Understand why gratitude is associated with positive adjustment and learn a specific strategy to practice gratitude in your daily life.
Led by Dr. Shu-Yi Wang

BREAK WEEK WED, Jun 24 – Jul 3, 2020

Self-Compassion – WED Jul 1
This skill building session will encourage you to reflect on ways you engage in self-criticism vs. self-compassion, provide an overview of self-compassion, and discuss ways to practice self-compassion. There will be time reserved for Q&A at the end of the session.
Led by Dr. Spurty Surapaneni

Coping with Difficult Emotions – WED Jul 8
In this skill building session students will learn how to tune inward to recognize what they are feeling; including a few different skills for how to experience emotions and cope with them.
Led by Dr. Ana Cikara

Loving Kindness Meditation – WED Jul 15
In this skill building session students will learn how to practice loving kindness meditation as a means of increasing personal capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, and more.
Led by Dr. Felicia Brown

Increase Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness – WED Jul 22
This Skill Building session will focus on steps to practice self-reflection and to enhance self-awareness, with the aim to increase success in daily life. There will be time reserved for Q&A at the end of the session.
Led by Dr. Sneha Pitre

Sparking Creativity in the midst of COVID – WED Jun 24
(Air recorded presentation)
Feeling down and bored during the quarantine? Wanting to find meaning and enjoyment in these challenging times? Watch this video to get inspired with ideas for activities including music, writing and other creative possibilities. Click here to learn how YOU can get involved and participate in the #CovidCopingChallenge!
Led by Dr. Emi Lenes/Gabby Woodard

Self-Care (Air recorded presentation) – WED Aug 5
Juggling the stress of academic and personal responsibilities can be draining. If you have ever felt burned out or inefficient, the answer might be developing better self-care habits. Continuing to drive an automobile without doing regular maintenance would not be a good idea and neither is continuing to push yourself without regular self-care. Come to this workshop to learn practical strategies for improving self-care.
Led by Dr. Ryan Barbeau

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This workshop is designed to help you explore emotions. It can help you recognize, understand, and increase your emotional awareness and expectations. This workshop will cover topics such as (but not limited to): identify, differentiate, and express emotions, impact of emotions on behaviors and thoughts, managing fluctuations in moods, emotional avoidant strategies, and using emotional information to increase motivation and guide in achieving goals.

Each session will be slightly different. You can attend one workshop or multiple.

Led by Dr. Sneha Pitre

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This workshop is designed to address expectations of perfectionism, its impact on our mental health, and ways of letting go. Students will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of new expectations and ways of being that are more compassionate, attainable, and sustainable. Each week will have a slightly different focus, so students are welcome to attend one or all workshops offered during the Summer B semester.

Led by Dr. Melanie Varney

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In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to understand and explore emotions related to their experiences of grief and loss. Grief occurs in response to the loss of someone or something significant, and can result in painful and debilitating emotions. This workshop is conversational in nature and offers a space for discussing healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with losses. During this time, it is important to take care of yourself and seek support to start accepting the loss and making meanings around it. Healing usually occurs while connecting with others who may have experienced a similar loss.

This weekly workshop is offered to students who would like to attend on a drop-in basis. Repeated attendance is not required but can be highly helpful.

Led by Drs. Shinlay Rivera and Sunie Kim

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These experiential and interactive workshops will provide an opportunity for you to connect in meaningful ways with yourself and others through creative mediums. No previous art experience needed. The activities may help you develop valuable insights and will be adaptable based on your ability and comfort. Please RSVP to each workshop separetely.

CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 1 (Guided Imagery and Vision Board) — JULY 6, 2-3:30PM
Guided Imagery and Vision Board: In these pandemic times, you may have found yourself having negative thoughts, disconnecting from your feeling or needs, and/or losing focus or motivation in making progress towards your goals. As we slowly adjust to campus life, how do we acknowledge our current needs and re-focus on our goals and intentions? This group will use guided imagery and vision boards to help you start this journey.
Materials: Participants are welcome to use as many creative materials (i.e., paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paint) as they would like, but everyone will have the option of creating their pieces digitally.
Co-Facilitated by: Drs. Spurty Surapaneni and Shinlay Rivera (Tech Host – Dr. Emi Lenes)

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CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 2 (Cultural Items and Poetry) — JULY 13, 2-3:30PM
Cultural Items and Poetry: We invite you to build connections with yourself and others through identifying and sharing a few items that are meaningful to your intersectional identities and cultures. Be creative in how you define “culture” (e.g., family, cultural heritage, interests, religion/spirituality, items that have contributed to your growth). This activity could help you develop a more unified narrative about yourself, and also allow others to understand you at a deeper level.
Materials: You are invited to bring any personally significant cultural items–this can be in the form of web images, pictures, stories, poetry, books, symbols, objects, etc. Native languages, as well as tangible and intangible items are welcome.
Co-facilitated by Drs. Shu-Yi Wang and Emi Lenes (Tech Host – Dr. Saloni Taneja)

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CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 3 (Music and Musing) — JULY 20, 2-3:30PM
Music & Musing: As Billy Joel once said, music is healing, and something that touches all humanity, regardless of what culture we come from. This workshop will focus on connecting and coping through music and finding ways to seek some meaning, especially during the fears and anxieties we are living in. There will be experiential activities and dialogue to foster connection with each other and find how we are similar and join together through music and musings.
Materials: Bring a paper and pencil with you if you’d like.
Facilitated by: Dr. Saloni Taneja (Tech Host: Dr. Shinlay Rivera)

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CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 4 (Creating your Masks) — JULY 27, 2-3:30PM
Creating Your Masks, What Masks Do You Wear?: Participants in this experiential and interactive workshop will create either a mask or silhouette. The activity is a representation of the masks you wear every day, how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. Through this activity, you may increase your self-awareness/reflection, build resilience, understand the impact of invisible and visible identities on stress and coping, and connect on shared experiences with others.
Materials: A computer/laptop to engage in creating a mask or silhouette online. Participants can also use a paper mask or draw a silhouette on paper. Please feel free to use color pens, crayons, and other materials/objects that are significant in everyday life and/or hold memories to create this mask/silhouette.
Facilitated by: Drs. Sneha Pitre and Spurty Surapaneni (Tech Host: Dr. Shu-Yi Wang)

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CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 5(Embodied Compassion) — AUGUST 3, 2-3:30PM
Embodied Compassion: In this session, we invite you to embody compassion internally and externally, and to cultivate a space of courage and calmness. Our intention is to expand our comfort zones, get out of our heads, into our bodies, and extend compassion for ourselves and others. Our practices may include: Stretching, Sound and Movement/Reflections, Guided Imagery of a Role Play, etc. Through a supportive group space, we will guide you to connect with your own body and process in a group.
No materials needed, just bring your humanness.
Facilitated by: Drs. Emi Lenes and Shinlay Rivera (Tech Host: Dr.Sneha Pitre)

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CREATIVITY & CONNECTION Week 6 (Throwback to the old self) — AUGUST 10, 2-3:30PM
Throwback to the old self: This workshop will focus on participants connecting with their Old or Past Self to increase awareness and improve current life functioning. Oftentimes you may experience joy, anger, other mixed emotions related to the past. Participants through this activity may connect the past with the present, find meaning, reassess individual goals and plan for accomplishing them, and improve everyday functioning.

Materials: A computer/laptop to engage in the creative aspect of the activity digitally. Participants can also use a paper, pen, pencil, color pens, crayons, and other materials/objects that are significant in everyday life and/or hold memories.
Facilitated by: Dr. Sneha Pitre (Tech Host: Dr. Spurty Surapaneni)

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This workshop will focus on connecting with and understanding our deeper selves, so that we can better connect with others. The workshop will include a time for discussion/questions related to the material.

Led by Dr. Sunni Lutton

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Workshop to include getting the most out of therapy and benefits of short-term therapy.

Led by, Hailey Brown

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  • COVID and I – 7/21, 5:30-7:00 pm
    COVID-19 has shaken the world and has left many kinds of impact on our personal, social, and academic lives. This space will be an interactive dialogue to come together and share how our lives have been affected and discuss ways to regain some control and meaning in the middle of the chaos. India being one of the most affected countries, this space is also aimed at sharing and navigating the worries as they uniquely affect those within the Indian community. Led by Saloni Taneja, Psy.D.
  • Time Management, 7/28, 5:30-7:00 pm
    At times, it might feel like you never have enough time to complete all the things you need to do. Procrastination, problems with prioritizing, and distractions can keep you from truly accomplishing what is most important to you. This session offers a space for discussion, reflection, and skill building to increase your productivity. Led by Shu-Yi Wang, Ph.D.
  • My Relationships and I, 8/4, 5:30-7:00 pm
    This session aims to be an interactive dialogue for reflection and skill building towards fulfilling relationships. We will focus on relationship dynamics, cultural contexts, and ways to seek and maintain healthy relationships. We will explore personal, romantic, and professional relationships and their influence on quality of life and well-being. Led by Sneha Pitre, Ph.D.
  • Coping with Anxiety and Depression, 8/11, 5:30-7:00 pm
    This session aims to be an interactive dialogue on mental health concerns, specifically anxiety and depression within the Indian community. It will encompass three main areas: 1) Defining anxiety and depression, especially the mental and physical symptoms, 2) Exploring their causes, and 3) Learning and practicing ways to cope. Led by Spurty Surapaneni, Ph.D.

Recorded Workshops

Many of our workshops are recorded so they can be viewed later at your convenience. They are all uploaded to our YouTube channel and you can find them at the link below.

Recorded CWC Workhops

Online Tablings Summer 2020

Like tabling on the Plaza, Virtual Tablings will provide opportunity to students and UF community to “Zoom-in” to receive general information about CWC, connection to resources, and ask questions!

Attendees will also get to pick a swag item (sticker, keychain, etc) of their choice mailed to them!

No future tablings are scheduled at this time.

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