Your eligibility to receive counseling services depends on your enrollment at UF. All currently enrolled UF students are eligible for our services. You may also be eligible for services if you are enrolled in a UF special program.

Eligibility Details

Any UF student who presents in a crisis or urgent situation will be seen on-call, one time, assessed, and referred to appropriate follow-up services, regardless of eligibility.

Learn more about the CWC’s Crisis Support.

If you are enrolled at UF you are eligible for care starting on the first day of the current semester and ending on the last day of that same semester.
This section covers students who are participating in:

  • Study Abroad
  • Preview Staff Student
  • Independent Study
  • Distance Education

Students enrolled in one of these programs, and who have paid the Student Health Fee as part of their tuition, are eligible to utilize the CWC for the semester. If the student has not completed their program by the end of the eligible semester and the following break week(s), the student has the option to pay the Optional CWC Off-Semester Access Charge in order to continue receiving services.

Your partner or significant-other can attend couples counseling, they do not need to be a UF student. However, individual counseling services are not available to them unless they are an enrolled UF student.
If you are a current client and are graduating or withdraw from the university you may be seen for up to 3 sessions after you leave UF. During this time our case manager will help with the transition to a non-UF provider for service. Graduated students that have not previously been seen at CWC may not be seen at CWC following graduation.

Check out our Community Referral page for a database of counselors and therapists in Gainesville and the surrounding area.


Our services are paid for when you pay your tuition. A portion of your tuition includes a “health fee” which covers a variety of campus-wide health initiatives. Part of that fee is what pays for services at the CWC.