Contact the CWC at 352-392-1575 (M-F, 8am, 5pm) for a brief consultation. Please have your student ID on-hand when calling.

After reserving your consultation, you will receive an email with forms you will need to complete. You must fully complete and submit all forms prior to your consultation. Please have your student ID on-hand when completing these forms and at the time of your consultation.

What is a Consultation?

A consultation is not a therapy session; it is a structured 20-30 minute meeting to gather information about your situation and what CWC services would best fit your needs. During your consultation, we will suggest appropriate resources and next steps. We consider all the resources at the CWC to provide the best options for your unique situation.

Additionally, we may suggest other on-campus partners for resources such as coaching or tutoring, or off-campus providers when students could benefit from more specialized and/or longer-term care. If services and support in our off-campus network are best for your needs, we will provide you with information on these options.

  • Please note: The CWC works to serve as many students as possible; however, during high-volume times, we may have a waitlist for services.

Consultations & Confidentiality

Consultation is a confidential service and what you share with us will remain confidential. Learn more about confidentiality at the CWC.