Summer '21 Schedule

30 minute sessions
- 7/20, 2-3:30pm (in-person at Peabody Hall)
- 7/27, 2-3:30pm (RSVP Coming Soon)

Gator-2-Gator is staffed by trained volunteer AWARE Ambassadors.

Learn about how AWARE supports mental health at UF

What is Gator-2-Gator?

Gator-2-Gator @ CWC is a new support initiative, where you can get connected with one of our trained student ambassadors to talk.

  • Please note that Gator 2 Gator provides 30-minute consultations for personal support and/or referral information about helpful resources. Students are welcome to attend as often as needed.
  • During Gator 2 Gator you will not receive clinical care, evaluation, or treatment from a professional counselor or mental health professional. Therefore, no personal information will be gathered.
  • It is advised participants list only their first names prior to joining.
  • If there is an urgent issue or you need immediate support, please call the CWC at 352-392-1575 or 911.

Gator-2-Gator Training Program

As part of the CWC’s mission to support mental health across the UF community we have developed a training program to help departments, colleges, and other entities at UF create their own Gator-2-Gator (G2G) service.

G2G is a special program focusing on Gators helping Gators. Dedicated to supporting collegiate mental health, G2G empowers students to be active educators and advocates in raising awareness of the importance of mental health. The mission of G2G is to provide University of Florida students with training in crisis-response and active listening skills to support fellow students in attending to their health and well-being.

The Gator-2-Gator program provides training for students seeking to serve as ambassadors of mental health within various departments/programs across campus. As trained G2G ambassadors, students can offer G2G consultations for fellow students to provide personal support, share information about mental/emotional wellness, and connect fellow Gators with helpful resources to support their well-being goals.

Upcoming Training Dates


More Details

You can find more details about how to participate in the drop down menus below.

Gator2Gator ambassadors are required to complete a six (6) hour training held over two sessions; one 4-hour series and one 2-hour series which covers:

  • Active listening and support skills
  • Recognizing and responding to signs of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance use/abuse and disordered eating
  • Ways to support fellow students and connect them with resources that can provide help
  • Campus and community resources and services of support

These training sessions are highly interactive and focus on real issues and concerns.

Attendance at all training sessions is crucial. Trainees must complete both sessions before engaging in Gator2Gator support services. If you are unable to attend a session, you must make it up at another Gator2Gator training session, to ensure that you have covered all requirements.

Gator2Gator Ambassadors must also pass a knowledge-check quiz which covers general mental health concerns of college-aged students.

  • G2G Ambassadors are approachable, are good listeners, and are respected by their fellow Gators
  • G2G Ambassadors are leaders and strive to be positive role models within the University of Florida
  • G2G Ambassadors have strong communication skills, are creative and are willing to look at problems from different perspectives
  • G2G Ambassadors will become knowledgeable about common mental health concerns of college students and be able to make effective referrals and encourage students to get the support they need
  • G2G Ambassadors will not provide counseling or professional advice
  • G2G Ambassadors will maintain confidentiality of fellow G2G ambassadors and University of Florida students
  • G2G Ambassadors must be available to attend weekly group consultation meetings for supervision and consultation. G2G Ambassadors who are unable to attend consultation meetings are not eligible to provide Gator2Gator support services.
  • G2G ambassadors will learn valuable skills that will enhance your personal relationships and further your professional career
  • G2G ambassadors will become a skilled and knowledgeable resource to help students in need
  • G2G ambassadors will become part of a group that provides a valuable service to the campus community
The Gator-2-Gator program is available to all UF departments and programs who wish to provide support for student mental health in their area. The Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) will assist departments/programs in developing a G2G program which aligns with the mission and values of Gator-2-Gator.

Interested parties must identify students interested and available to participate in G2G training fully. Following training, the CWC will assist the department/program with implementation of G2G services; which includes weekly required consultation meetings for all G2G ambassadors providing support services.

Like Gator-2-Gator services provided by the Counseling & Wellness Center (Gator-2-Gator @ CWC), departments and programs who fulfill all Gator-2-Gator requirements may promote the availability of G2G services within their respective area(s) (e.g. Gator-2-Gator @ College of Gators)

To begin the process of implementing Gator2Gator, please complete the Gator2Gator training form: (pending)

You will be asked to provide department and program information; including name(s) of training participants, contact information (i.e. email/phone), preferred training date, etc.

For additional information about offering Gator2Gator services, please contact CWC’s Director of Outreach, Dr. Rosa West.