Alcohol & Other Drugs Services


The CWC’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Services supports students who want to better understand the impact of substance use on their lives and the lives of those around them. It is our hope that these services will help students explore the source of their substance abuse, change their substance use patterns, and  gain assistance with maintaining their recovery from addiction.

AOD Groups

Success Not Excess

In this group you will discuss your use of alcohol and other drugs in a non-judgmental setting, develop an understanding of drugs of abuse and potential effects, identify warning signs for developing an addiction, and clarify your values.

Mindful Recovery

This group offers the opportunity to learn how to maintain recovery in college, where there are many potential obstacles and relapse triggers.  Facilitators will emphasize stress reduction and relapse prevention strategies and group members will have an opportunity to learn from the experience, strength, and hope of others.  Anyone at any stage in recovery is welcome.

For more information about these groups, visit our groups listing page.

Collegiate Recovery Program

The UF Counseling and Wellness Center oversees and supports the UF Collegiate Recovery Program in collaboration with GatorWell. The CRP is a space for students in recovery to connect with and support one another. The CRP provides students in recovery access to various resources that can aid in their collegiate experience. Students in recovery flourish when given access to necessary support.

Please note that creating a Collegiate Recovery Program on campus is an ongoing project and that we are constantly looking for support in our growth. If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to the CWC at 352-392-1575.

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