International Student Wellness

Here for you, no matter where you are from

With students and staff from over 130 countries here at the University of Florida, the international community is strong in Gainesville. However living in a different country comes with it’s own set of challenges and the CWC is here to help.

As an international student, you may seek counseling for a variety of reasons, including:

  • prejudice and discrimination
  • feeling invisible or isolated
  • navigating language and cultural barriers
  • adjusting to US classroom culture
  • academic expectations/difficulties
  • anxiety about major/careers
  • family/cultural expectations
  • financial responsibilities
  • maintaining family and other relationships
  • visa and legal statuses
  • losing self-confidence
  • anxiety and stress
  • relationship problems (whether with lab mates, instructors, roommate, or romantic partners)
  • depression and motivation
  • suicidal thoughts

Whatever your reasons for seeking short-term, couples, or group counseling, we are committed to helping you address your concerns as well guiding you through difficulties. With our professional and compassionate at the Counseling and Wellness Center you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns and be confident that they will be kept confidential. We are now offering multilingual information.

Resources Listing

These link will take you to resources for helping international students navigate life during their time at the University of Florida.

CWC Services for International Students

International Focus Counseling Groups

CWC hosts two international focused counseling groups titled “International Student Support Group”. One is in English and the other in Mandarin.

Additionally we host a Spanish-language group called “¿Como Estas?”, although it isn’t explicitly for international students.

These groups may not be hosted every semester so please visit our Groups Counseling listing for more information or talk to your counselor about joining.

UF Gator International Focus Team (UFGIFT)

UFGIFT is made up from a diverse team of campus service providers who share a passion for making UF a welcoming place for our international community. We host a number of workshops every year addressing issues unique to international students as well as improving cross-cultural understanding and knowledge among domestic students.

International Focused Consultation/Outreach

The CWC provides one-on-one and group outreach and consultation to faculty, staff, and student organizations that provide services focused on the success of international students.

To schedule an outreach session please call the CWC at (352) 392-1575.

We offer Multilingual information – downloads

Clinical Services

The CWC’s clinical services are available for any current UF student. We offer Short-Term Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Couples Counseling. Follow the links to learn more about these services and call us at (352) 392-1575 for a brief consultation.