Please note that the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI) is online. Go to for further instructions.

All materials must be available for review online by our Due Date of November 9, 2023.

We are participating in the APPIC Match Program (Match Code: 1206) and are adhering to APPIC Match Policies. The University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

The internship selection process involves two phases by our selection committee.

Application Review

The first phase of the selection process involves review of AAPI materials to determine interview finalists. Finalists are assessed as having experiences and goals that are identified as being a “good fit” with the training expectations at our site. We will notify applicants about selection as finalists by December 13, 2023.


The second phase of the selection process involves participation in two virtual interviews, one with two members of the selection committee, and the other with the training director. The purpose of the interviews is to have an opportunity to speak with you about how you see our internship program facilitating your professional development. We are primarily evaluating the “goodness of fit” of our internship applicants during the virtual interviews. We do not conduct any on-site interviews. This is because we have concerns about the financial costs of the internship selection process on applicants. We recognize that for some applicants, a visit to the facility provides you with valuable information in your decision-making about internship sites. We would encourage you to wait until after notification of finalist status before requesting a visit to our center. Also please note that a site visit is for your information only and will not be used in our selection process.

The CWC Training Program adheres to the University of Florida’s Non-Discrimination/Harassment/Invasion of Privacy Policies.  We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and abilities to apply.  We provide reasonable accommodations as needed to people with disabilities.  Our materials can be made available in alternative formats upon request.

Post Selection

Candidates must be able to pass a background check which will be conducted after the Match in order to verify that candidates have no criminal or other record that would preclude employment/training at a university counseling center working with clients.  While employment/training is contingent upon successful completion of a background check, a criminal conviction does not automatically prohibit employment/training.  Applicants who match to our program but do not successfully pass this background check will not be employed as doctoral interns (APPIC Match Policy 6b states, “Appointments of applicants to internship positions may be contingent upon the applicants satisfying certain eligibility requirements. Such eligibility requirements must be clearly specified in the internship programs’ written materials and provided to applicants in advance of the deadline for submitting rankings for the APPIC Match.”).  Please also see University of Florida’s Conducting Criminal Background Checks policy ( Applicants are welcome to discuss any questions about this procedure with the Training Director.

For information on UF Vaccination Requirements and Guidelines, please navigate to the following page:

If you would like a copy of our Training Manual please email me at

If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to call me at (352) 392-1575 or preferably, e-mail me at look forward to receiving your application and wish you success in the internship application process.

Natasha Maynard-Pemba, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Training Director