Meeting with the Assistant Training Director

The Assistant Training Director meets with the trainees periodically during the semester on an individual/group basis. This is a time to clarify questions, address problems, and discuss ongoing concerns. It provides an important opportunity to keep lines of communication open between trainees and the Assistant Training Director.

Continuing Education

Trainees are welcome to participate in the continuing education workshops provided at the CWC or in the community.

Personal Therapy

Although personal therapy is not required of trainees, trainees are strongly encouraged to engage in their own personal therapy while on Advanced Practicum training program with therapists in the community. The training program year is taxing both personally and professionally; and in times of stress, therapy can be an excellent source of increased awareness and understanding. It can also enhance the therapy that trainees conduct with clients as the trainee sits on the other side of the therapy process. A therapists’ referral list is available for trainees.