Advanced Practicum Applicants must:

  • Be available for both Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Be available to engage in practicum related activities for approximately 6-8 hours per week.
  • Be available to participate in group supervision on Thursdays from 10 am – 12 pm.
  • Be currently enrolled in a graduate program in Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, or another related mental health field.
  • Have successfully completed at least 1 clinical practicum within your current program.

Program Expectations

Trainees are expected to provide short-term counseling and will be supervised by a CWC faculty member, intern, visiting faculty, or post-doc associate during the course of the program.

Please visit our Service Activities and Training Activities pages for more information about expectations of the Advanced Practicum training program.

What to Submit

Applicants should email Shinlay Rivera at shinlay@ufl.edu with:

  • a letter of interest
  • two recommendation letters from previous clinical supervisors
  • and a current curriculum vita

Please indicate in your application the areas of concentration or generalist advanced practicum that most interest you. Applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be invited to interview with at least two members of the Selection Committee at the Center. Interviews usually last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Selection Timeline

  • Application Deadline – February 12
  • Review of Applications – February 15-19
  • Interview pool contacted – February 22
  • Interviews – February 24-26
  • Latest Date to notify candidates of decision – March 5


Questions regarding the application procedures for the advanced practicum training program can be directed to Shinlay Rivera, Ph.D., Assistant Training Director, at 352-392-1575 or shinlay@ufl.edu.