What to do in a crisis or urgent situation?

If there is an immediate threat to self or others, students are strongly encouraged to contact 911 or get to the nearest ER.

Urgent services are available 24/7 to students who need immediate attention.

  • If a student is having an urgent mental health need, they are welcome to walk in at either of our locations to speak with an on-call provider, weekdays 9am to 4pm.
  • If a student is having an urgent mental health need and cannot walk in for a consultation, they can call us at 352-392-1575 and ask to speak to an on-call provider, weekdays 8am to 5pm.
  • If the urgent need is happening after-hours or during weekends, support is available via phone at 352-392-1575.

We provide urgent support both at our main office at the Radio Road and our satellite unit, the Crisis and Emergency Resource Center (CERC).

Examples of urgent needs may include:

  • If you are not feeling safe.
  • If you have been sexually assaulted recently.
  • If you have recently experienced the death of someone close to you.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Crisis Chat

Lifeline Crisis Chat is the first service of its kind where crisis centers across the United States have joined together to form one national chat network that can provide online emotional support, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services.

If all chat specialists are busy assisting other visitors you will be asked to try the chat again in a half hour. If the chat service is not open we encourage you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Medical Amnesty at UF

From the Student Health Care Center’s website:

A (1) student who seeks emergency assistance on behalf of him- or her- self, another student, or a friend experiencing an alcohol and/or other drug related emergency, as well as (2) the individual in distress will not be subject to disciplinary action nor mandatory alcohol and other drug sanctions under the UF Student Code of Conduct, as explained below.”

UF Medical Amnesty Policy

About the Crisis & Emergency Resource Center (CERC)

CERC is a service of the Counseling and Wellness Center and provides emergency walk-in crisis stabilization and range of consultation and training services for UF faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff may contact CERC by calling 352-392-1575 and asking for CERC support staff.