We offer short-term couples counseling to UF students and their partners. This service requires an initial consultation with both partners and is based on limited availability.

To discuss eligibility to receive couples counseling please call 352-392-1575 for a brief consultation.

Couples counseling helps you achieve the greatest wellness in your relationship with a partner or spouse. Only one member of the couple must be a UF student to receive services. Your counselor(s) will provide a comfortable, private, and non-judgmental setting. This enables you to explore your goals and concerns, helping you gain important perspectives and skills to improve your relationship. A limited number of couples counseling sessions are offered at the Counseling and Wellness Center.

Topics Covered

Common topics include communication and conflict resolution, problem solving, sexual issues, learning to get needs met in healthy ways, and *pre-marital counseling. Counseling helps you enhance your relationship or perhaps thoughtfully go your separate ways. Couples therapy sessions at the CWC are frequently provided by two therapists, known as “co-therapists”. The co-therapists and the couple work together as a balanced foursome to help the couple clarify goals and make progress towards those goals.

Your First Appointment

Your first contact will be approximately 50 minutes with the counselor(s) who will determine the most appropriate services for you, whether off-campus or in our center. Both individuals are expected to be present at all couples counseling sessions. Strong emotions often arise in couples counseling and your counselor will help you tap their power for personal and relational gains.

*The CWC does not offer a premarital preparation course certificate as required for reduced marriage license fees in Alachua County. To pursue such a certificate, contact the Alachua County Clerk of Court Office, Marriage License Department at 352-374-3623.