Gator-2-Gator Training Program

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As part of the CWC’s mission to support mental health across the UF community we have developed a training program to help departments, colleges, and other entities at UF create their own Gator-2-Gator (G2G) service.

G2G is a special program focusing on Gators helping Gators. Dedicated to supporting collegiate mental health, G2G empowers students to be active educators and advocates in raising awareness of the importance of mental health. The mission of G2G is to provide University of Florida students with training in crisis-response and active listening skills to support fellow students in attending to their health and well-being.

The Gator-2-Gator program provides training for students seeking to serve as ambassadors of mental health within various departments/programs across campus. As trained G2G ambassadors, students can offer G2G consultations for fellow students to provide personal support, share information about mental/emotional wellness, and connect fellow Gators with helpful resources to support their well-being goals.

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