UF Counseling & Wellness Center’s Growing Support for UF Students

Introducing the Consultation & Referral Team

Staring in Summer 2020 the CWC added a new team of counselors known as the CART (Consultation and Referral Team). If you’re a currently enrolled student looking for mental health support, start with CART.

CART helps you create your own CWC Plan for your mental health with various CWC resources (workshops, CWC Talks podcast episodes, counseling, etc.), as well as resources through our campus partners and our extensive network of off-campus counselors.

CART members can provide follow-up consultations after your initial consult, and they always email you resources and an invitation to contact them directly should you run into any challenges with your plan after your visit. This could be to see how you plan is working, and possibly refer you to additional services.

At the CWC we recognize that mental health doesn’t start and stop with counseling; it’s an ongoing process tied to a sense of community, well-being, and physical health. To support all aspects of your mental health, our CART members can also connect you with our campus partners such as Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, RecSports, Gatorwell, and the Disability Resource Center.

Positive response from students

In a student satisfaction survey from November 2020, 100% of respondents Agreed and Strongly Agreed that the CART member suggested relevant next steps based on their concerns. 100% of respondents also Agreed and Strongly Agreed that they were satisfied with their CWC consultation. Below are some quotes from respondents sharing their experience utilize CART.

“I left feeling heard and my feelings were validated.”

The CART member “was very attentive and supporting during the consultation and even as we reached the allotted time did not make me feel rushed to end the appointment.”

“I was pretty nervous to talk about a lot of things, but she was very welcoming, so I felt a lot more comfortable.”

“I felt like I walked away with useful advice and next steps.”

“I was so grateful that she was able to make sense of the information I shared especially because I did not think someone would be able to understand what I was saying/feeling.”

A Growing Case Management Team

In addition to CART, we have expanded our Case Management team. If you are referred to a community provider and have challenges accessing that service, our case management team will assist with finding a provider that matches your needs and insurance. The Case Manager will also provide you with emotional support along the way.

It’s our hope that the addition of CART and our expanded Case Management team will bolster our growing roster of services and better help UF students get the support they need.

If you are in need of support you can contact the CWC at 352-392-1575 (M-F, 8am, 5pm) for a brief consultation. Please have your student ID on-hand when calling.