Kate Wrench, MED, EDS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Consultation And Referral Team Specialist


BA; Psychology; University of Florida
M.Ed/Ed.S; Mental Health Counseling; University of Florida

Professional Interests

Kate’s areas of professional interests include: crisis and trauma, suicidology, addiction, homelessness, couples and family work, gender identity, and human sexuality.

Approach to Therapy

Kate’s approach to therapy is person-centered with an emphasis on Adlerian and Strengths-Based interventions and techniques. When working with couples and families, she uses an Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) approach.

Approach to Wellness

Kate strongly believes in play and self-care. She believes that making time for play is just as important as making time for work and other obligations. Kate enjoys spending time at the beach, crafting, watching tv, reading books, and pampering herself as forms of self-care. She says, “Whatever makes you healthy and happy; go out and do it.”