Savannah Tucker, MED,EDS



  • Masters of Education in Mental Health Counselor, University of Florida
  • Education Specialist Degree, University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with Philosophy and Sociology minors, Flagler College

Professional Interests

My professional interests include the intersection of philosophy and psychology – exploring what it means to live a life worth living and contribute to community. I am interested in how the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual experiences of life impacts individual mental health and wellbeing.

Approach to Therapy

I start with a Person-Centered approach to therapy focusing on non-judgmental respect for the person I’m sitting with and creating a space for authenticity and empathy. My work is influenced by Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy which means I focus on how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be helpful or unhelpful in the here and now. It is important to me to provide trauma informed care and incorporate Mindfulness practices to promote healthy nervous system regulation. I also incorporate Existential and Gestalt perspectives to help create a holistic understanding of the person and the therapeutic relationship.

Approach to Wellness

I absolutely believe you cannot pour from an empty cup and I take wellness and self-care very seriously. For me, prioritizing basic needs like sleep/movement/nutrition and setting boundaries are key to being the best me for myself and others. I also thoroughly enjoy karaoke, sending cards in the mail, tending to my plants, and being a cat mom!