Gator-2-Gator: Rehab Sciences

Connect With A Fellow Grad Student For Support Through Gator-2-Gator!*

In collaboration with the CWC, the College of Public Health & Health Professions is offering Gator-2-Gator consultations for PHHP Graduate students.



Gator-2-Gator (G2G) is a peer support initiative that bridges the gap between you and our student ambassadors that have been trained to provide personal support and share information about mental health resources. Learn more about G2G and how to become a student ambassador here.

*Please note that during your consultation, you will not receive clinical care, evaluation, or treatment from a professional counselor or mental health professional.


Instructions: RSVP for one of the following G2G: Rehab Sciences zoom sessions by clicking the "RSVP" link of the calendar listing. The discipline of each ambassador is also noted on the listing. Each session is scheduled as a two-hour block and operates on a drop-in/first come, first serve basis (i.e. you can drop-in anytime (up to 30 minutes before the session ends) and will be seen in order of arrival).