Resources & Services for Grad Students

Ypsilanti, Dan

At the UF Counseling & Wellness Center we know that the experience of graduate students is a unique one so we  make sure that in addition to our typical counseling services, drop-in workshops, and variety of group counseling sessions we have resources specifically for UF’s graduate student population.

Here are some resources that might be of interest to graduate students at UF:

  • Understanding Self & Others: Graduate Student Support Group – This is a general group therapy session, but specifically for those in the graduate program. Release feelings about distressing experiences, develop insights about interpersonal patterns through support and feedback, create connections, and build trust in yourself and others.
    • Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm
    • Wednesdays, 1-2:30pm and 3-4:30pm
    • Thursdays, 1-2:30pm
  • Graduate Student Support Group – During the unique experience of graduate school, receive support to survive and flourish, and have a place to discuss your stresses and joys.
    • Tuesdays, 11-12:30pm

To join either of these groups please call 352-392-1575 and mention that you are interested in joining. For a complete list of groups visit

While there aren’t currently any workshops specific for graduate students here are some workshops we think graduate students might be interested in attending. Workshops do not need a consultation appointment, nor do you need to be a CWC client.

  • Prioritizing Tasks & To-dos – Students often juggle a number of tasks and responsibilities that can become overwhelming causing feelings of stress/anxiety. This skill building session will teach prioritization as a means of helping make the best use of your own efforts, allocate your time where it’s most needed, and free you from tasks that can be addressed later.
  • Time Management – College life can be stressful because of multiple daily tasks and demands. This 4-module workshop will focus on learning skills of time management using experiential activities in the areas of  Time Planning and Scheduling, Motivation, Self-discipline, and Managing Frustrations, Making Tasks Manageable and Reducing Distractions, Project Planning and Following Through
  • Riding Emotional Waves – This weekly drop-in workshop will focus on building skills to gain more control on emotions and reduce suffering. Participants will learn core mindfulness and emotion regulation skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Attending all sessions is recommended as each week will cover a new topic. You are welcome to join as often as possible.
  • Understanding Imposter Syndrome – Do you ever feel like others expect you to be the expert on something, but internally you feel like you have no idea what you are doing? Or when good things happen to you, you find yourself actively negating those experiences? If any of thesequestions resonated with you, you are not alone! Come join us in this interactive 2-part online workshop for an open and honest exploration/dialogue of how Imposter Syndrome impacts you.

For dates, times, and to RSVP for these workshops visit