Introduction to testing

In addition to an assessment, testing can be useful so your counselor can get a better sense of the intensity and range of your symptoms and functioning. Testing, like other CWC services, is covered under the UF Student Health Fee and does not carry an additional cost. The whole process of testing may take a month or more from start to finish.

Due to the length of time required to provide comprehensive testing, the CWC offers a limited number of testing appointments. To determine if there is availability, please call 352-392-1575 to speak with a consultation specialist. If we do not have any testing appointments available, we can help you identify an appropriate provider in the community for your specific testing needs.

Getting tested

Students will participate in a brief consultation to determine whether testing is appropriate for you.

Once you have spoken to a counselor during your consultation they will be able to determine if you should be referred for testing. If you are interested in testing try to schedule your initial appointment early in the semester as testing appointments are very limited. If you are already seeing someone at the CWC, talk to them about your interest in testing.

Testing involves three distinct appointments: a Testing Screening and Evaluation Appointment, a Testing Assessment Appointment, and a Feedback Appointment.

Testing Screening and Evaluation Appointment

Your first appointment will be a Testing Screening and Evaluation Appointment. This appointment usually lasts about 3 hours. During this appointment you will have a structured interview with a counselor and take 2-3 assessments on the computer.

Testing Assessment Appointment

The second appointment is a Testing Assessment Appointment which usually lasts about 3 hours. During this appointment you be asked to do a number of different brief tasks while a counselor observes.

Feedback Appointment

Finally, there is a Feedback Appointment to get your results. This appointment typically lasts 1 hour.

Testing offered at CWC

The CWC offers psycho-educational testing and personality testing.  Below is more information about each type of testing.

Psycho-educational testing

Psycho-educational testing provides information that is useful in diagnosing and treating:

Personality Testing

Personality testing provides information that is useful in diagnosing and treating: