Staff Meeting

Staff meetings are held several times during the semester. Fellows are expected to attend these staff meetings. As stated in the training philosophy, fellows are expected to engage in all aspects of typical counseling center duties. Staff meetings can be helpful in staying informed about center updates, participating in policy decision making, and connecting with other staff.

Meeting with the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator

The Postdoctoral Training Coordinator meets with fellows on a biweekly basis throughout the year. This is a time to clarify questions, address problems, and discuss any ongoing concerns. It provides an important opportunity to keep lines of communication open between fellows and the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator.

Committee Work

The Center has a number of committees that meet to discuss center needs and recommend policies, including, but not limited to, the Training Committee, Intern Selection Committee, Clinical Services Committee, Crisis Response Team, Wellness Committee, and ASPIRE. Fellows can choose to be on at least one committee per semester related to their specialization. Fellows can rotate to a different committee each semester.