Each year the CWC training committee conducts a local search within the Counselor Education Program at UF. The internship selection process involves two steps. The first step is a review of application materials including, cover letter, essays, letters of recommendation, and vita. Following the review of applications, our training committee selects a list of finalists who are assessed as having experiences and goals that are identified as being a “good fit” with the training expectations at our site. An in person interview is conducted with the finalist pool with at least two members of the training committee and a second interview is conducted with the training director. Interviews usually last approximately 1 hour. The Training Committee and the training director make a final selection and contact the successful candidate.

The start date of the internship is May 11, 2020.

There is an orientation period for 1 week in addition to online training that assists interns in becoming familiar with the CWC, receive clinical training, and orient to policies and procedures of the Center. The internship requires a commitment of 25 hours per week for the Summer semester. There is a schedule of training that is as follows. It is helpful to plan class schedules and assistantships around this schedule:

Mondays12:30–1:30pmIntern Meeting w/ Training Director
Wednesdays11:00–12:30pmIntern Seminar

Applicants should email the following

  • Cover letter of interest. Please indicate in your cover letter the number of direct face to face clinical hours (and those you plan to receive before starting internship) and the number of supervision hours you have received.
  • Current vita
  • Letters of reference from three persons who have observed your academic and clinical performance. Letter writers should send letters directly to srivera@ufsa.ufl.edu.
  • 3 Essays of no more than 500 words each:
    • Essay #1: Please provide an autobiographical statement. There is no “correct” format for this question. Answer this question as if someone had asked you “tell me something about yourself.” It is an opportunity for you to provide the internship site some information about yourself. It is entirely up to you to decide what information you wish to provide along with the format in which to represent it.
    • Essay #2: Please describe your theoretical orientation and how this influences your approach to case conceptualization and intervention. You may use de-identified case material to illustrate your points if you choose..
    • Essay #3:Please describe your experience and training in work with diverse populations. Your discussion should display explicitly the manner in which multicultural/diversity issues influence your clinical practice and case conceptualization.
  • Please send letter of interest, vita, and essays in one pdf document.

The application deadline is March 13, 2020.

Selection Timeline

  • Application Deadline – March 13
  • Review of Applications – March 13-16
  • Interview pool contacted – March 16
  • Interviews (1 with the committee and then 1 with Training Director) –  March 17, 8:30-11:30 (depending on # of candidates)
TimeCommitteeTraining Director
8:30Candidate 1Candidate 2
9:00Candidate 2Candidate 1
9:30Candidate 3Candidate 4
10:00Candidate 4Candidate 3
10:30Candidate 5Break
11:00Candidate 5
  • Latest Date to notify candidates of decision – March 24

Questions regarding the counseling internship and application procedures can be directed to Shinlay Rivera, Ph.D., Interim Training Coordinator, at 392-1575 or preferably through email at srivera@ufsa.ufl.edu