Saloni Taneja, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Assistant Professor


I hold a degree of Psy.D.
in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and completed a doctoral internship at Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center. I also hold an M.S. in Psychology from FIT, an M.A. in Applied Psychology and B.A. in Psychology from University of Delhi, India.

Professional Interests

I identify myself as a generalist clinician with a strong interest in supporting university students at all levels of their development. My areas of clinical interest include working with people with persistent and severe mental illness within a rights-based framework, issues of emerging adulthood and difficult familial relationships. I also take a keen interest in working with international students, as I value the philosophy of acknowledging similarity in diversity in helping students navigate their experiences in a different country, context and education system.

My strong professional interests also include mental health awareness & advocacy, teaching, and training emerging mental health professionals.

Approach to Therapy

I follow an integrative framework that is informed by Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal and Relational processes, within the overarching umbrella of personal and cultural systems. I believe that all of us have many definitions of ourselves, many identities, and each identity contributes to who we are. Failure in one aspect of our life should not become our only definition, and I use these perspectives in helping people I work with.

Approach to Supervision

I use a developmental supervision model, informed by cognitive behavioral and interpersonal and relational framework. I view supervision as a unique exchange of teaching, consultation and perspective sharing, and regard the supervisory relationship as the most important pillar through this process.

Approach to Wellness

I approach wellness from the point of view of happiness and contentment. I receive abundant joy from singing and performing Indian music. I thoroughly enjoy cooking for others and Face-timing my large and noisy family in India. I also truly believe life is best spent listening to the sound of ocean waves at night.