We are usually able to provide documentation of services or letters of support for current and former clients. However, if you have never been a client of SHCC Psychiatry, we will not be able to provide you a letter.

Current and former clients may need documentation of services received at SHCC Psychiatry. For example, documentation of services is typically required for petitions related to withdrawal from classes or arrangements with financial aid. Follow the steps below to obtain documentation.

Types of Documentation

Providing Authorization

Bring a photo ID and visit SHCC Psychiatry to sign a release of information form. SHCC Psychiatry cannot release any information about you without your signed authorization. You may retrieve your letter or documentation when you sign this form, provided that it is available at that time.

Please Note

  • Bring a photo ID when retrieving your documentation from SHCC Psychiatry.
  • Allow up to 30 days for the processing of documentation requests.
  • SHCC Psychiatry does not keep records beyond 10 years.