Call for a Consultation

Please note that Psychiatry uses two different phone numbers:

  • For a brief consultation with the CWC call (352) 392-1575.
  • To schedule a follow up appointment with your psychiatry provider call (352) 273-3390.

During your brief consultation, a counselor will meet with you and assist with your request for a referral to a psychiatry provider.  The counselor may also discuss therapy options and offer other recommendations to help best address your needs.  When referred to SHP, you will be contacted by our staff and scheduled for a consultation appointment with one of our providers.  Students whose needs are better met outside the CWC will be referred from the brief consultation to a community provider. When needed, a case manager can help facilitate a referral for an appointment with a provider in the community.

Before Your First Appointment

If you have previously been prescribed psychotropic medications, our clinic requires records from that prescribing provider.  Scheduled new patients will receive an email prior to their appointment detailing that process.

First Appointment

You will meet with a psychiatry provider and review your history, current symptoms, substance use history, medical illnesses, and issues with school and relationships. This initial consultation appointment typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes.  If the provider believes you will benefit from treatment by SHP, follow-up appointments will be set up. If your needs would be better met by a community provider, a referral will be made into the community.

Follow Up Appointments

To schedule a follow up appointment with your psychiatry provider please call 352-273-3390.  Please keep in mind that several of our providers do not work full time and therefore their schedules fill up quickly.  We encourage patients to call as early as possible when scheduling or rescheduling a follow up appointment.

Missed Appointments Policy

Patients are required to sign an attendance policy form at their first visit.  If you miss an appointment there will be a $25 no-show charge billed to your UF account.

A missed appointment is defined as one of the following:

  • Not rescheduling or cancelling your scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Arriving 15 minutes or more after the start of your scheduled appointment time.
  • Missing your scheduled appointment without any notification.

Missing three appointments in one academic year will result in your case being turned over to the Case Review Committee to determine ongoing eligibility of psychiatric services.  Once reviewed by the committee, your psychiatric care may be terminated.  It will become your responsibility to find a community provider and schedule your own appointment.  It will also be your financial obligation to pay for services provided in the community.

This policy is specific to SHCC Psychiatry and does not impact your eligibility to obtain heath care services at other clinics on campus such as the Student Health Care Center or UF Health.