It is very important to keep your scheduled psychiatry appointments in order to obtain medication refills, as medications are usually prescribed to last until your next appointment.  Obtaining refills during scheduled appointments allows your psychiatric provider to re-evaluate your condition and address any of your concerns.  Should you run out of your medication before your next appointment, contact the pharmacy to ensure that you do not have any additional refills on file.  If requiring medication refills, it is your responsibility to request them in a timely manner.

Requests for prescription refills are to be made at least 72 HOURS in advance during regular business hours when school is in session.  Be aware, it may take up to 5 business days to process a refill request during the semester.  Requests made after noon on Thursday may not be filled until the following Monday.  Refills during break-weeks may delay the refill process even further.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the quantity of medications left in the prescription prior to the start of a break-week.  To safeguard patient health, refills for medications may not be authorized if you have not been evaluated by your psychiatric provider within the recommended time-frame.  Additionally, there are some medications that cannot be legally refilled by telephone (i.e. stimulants), so you may have to wait until your next appointment to obtain a refill.

New medications will be prescribed only during psychiatry medication office visits.  This allows your psychiatric provider to perform a current assessment of your condition and discuss with you the risks, benefits, and alternatives that may be associated with a new medication.

Medication for ADHD

For those questioning the possibility that they may have ADHD but have never been tested, we recommend beginning with a CWC triage appointment.  Often times, students who think they have concentration problems due to ADHD may actually be experiencing concentration problems due to other psychiatric conditions such as mood or anxiety issues. We evaluate the need for ADHD stimulant medication based on the evidence provided. We require several pieces of information prior to establishing an appointment with a psychiatry provider.  Comprehensive neuropsychological testing for ADHD will need to have been completed within the past three years. We can assist with neuropsychological testing referrals if needed.  In addition, copies of ADHD medical records, compiled surveys from prior schools, and family member corroboration may also be required. Students seeking stimulant medication will need a recent physical exam and a urine toxicology screen.  This process will be explained in detail prior to scheduling an appointment.  Once care is established at SHP, patients on stimulants will be subject to random toxicology screens.

Please be aware that establishing ADHD care with us could be a time consuming process and there may be some costs incurred.  Furthermore, there may be instances where we will not be able to accommodate your case, but we will attempt to assist you in locating an appropriate community referral. The Disability Resource Center offers additional services for those with ADHD concerns.

Medical Marijuana

SHP does not provide medical marijuana prescriptions.

Emotional Support Animals

SHP does not provide letters for emotional support animals.