We are usually able to provide documentation of services or letters of support for current and former clients. However, if you have never been a client of SHCC Psychiatry, we will not be able to provide you a letter.

Current and former clients may need documentation of services received at SHCC Psychiatry. For example, documentation of services is typically required for petitions related to withdrawal from classes or arrangements with financial aid. Follow the steps below to obtain documentation.

Types of Documentation

Speak to your psychiatric provider if you need a petition support letter, such as for medical withdrawal from classes or reinstatement of financial aid. Tell your provider the purpose of the letter, share complete contact information for the letter recipient, and complete a medical release of information.

Note that petition committees generally only view support letters favorably when they are written by a provider with whom you have established a working relationship. If you have met with a psychiatric provider for only 1-2 visits, the provider may only offer a visit verification form.

You may ask our front desk staff for a visit verification form, which is official documentation that you received services on a particular date. This could be helpful to share with a professor who desires proof of services.

Note that for the purpose of petitions, a visit verification form typically is not an adequate substitute for a support letter from a provider with whom you have an established working relationship.

You may wish to share records regarding your treatment with another professional. To request records please call us at 352-273-3390.
SHCC Psychiatry does not write support letters or complete related forms/documentation for emotional support animals and they are not permitted in our facilities.

Only a forensic psychologist is qualified to determine whether an emotional support animal will help someone with a specific mental health disability. Given the insufficient evidence regarding the benefits of ESAs there are a limited number of providers in the community who may be willing to write these letters. If you have insurance please contact them regarding details about referral and coverage.

Learn more about the CWC’s policy regarding animals.

Providing Authorization

Bring a photo ID and visit SHCC Psychiatry to sign a release of information form. SHCC Psychiatry cannot release any information about you without your signed authorization. You may retrieve your letter or documentation when you sign this form, provided that it is available at that time.

Please Note

  • Bring a photo ID when retrieving your documentation from SHCC Psychiatry.
  • Allow up to 30 days for the processing of documentation requests.
  • SHCC Psychiatry does not keep records beyond 10 years.