Student Fees

Please visit the Student Health Care Center website for details on charges and billing.

Non-registered patient per visit fee

Please note: The following information pertains only to existing SHP patients and does not apply to students wishing to establish care for an initial visit.

SHP services are supported primarily through the student health fee, a per credit hour fee paid by registered students.  Therefore, SHP service eligibility is largely limited to registered students contributing to the health fee.  However, we understand short-term interruption of academic life is common and accessing community psychiatric care can be complicated.

In an effort to ensure continuity of care during these periods, we offer a $25 ‘per visit fee’ option for established SHP patients not registered for one semester.  The fee will be charged to your bursar account and insurance will be billed appropriately.  Those not registered for two or more consecutive semesters are not eligible for SHP services and will be referred to the community for continued psychiatric care.

This policy is specific to SHCC Psychiatry @ CWC and does not impact your eligibility to obtain health care services at other clinics on campus such as the Student Health Care Center or UF Health.