Fall 2019

About Workshops

Workshops are no-commitment opportunities to learn and practice different coping skills and wellness habits aimed towards improving the mental health of college students. Prioritize your wellness by fitting one of our workshops into your weekly schedule. Everyone is welcome and no appointment or weekly commitment is required.

Please make sure you show up on time, as space is limited and no one will be permitted to join that session once it begins.

Learn about healthy communication styles and ways to improve connection in your dating relationships. The workshop covers various topics each week. Starts on 9/9.

The topics for each week are:

  • Dating and Intimacy
  • Conflicts and Red Flags
  • Break-ups
  • Healing
  • Dating and Intimacy
  • Conflicts and Red Flags

Ends 11/18

Led by Sarah McConnell at CWC Radio Road.

Learn ways to boost relaxation and resiliency skills to increase your emotional capacities. Together we will discuss and practice ways to enhance these areas, as well as your grit, gratitude and overall well-being.

Led by Vincent Schroder at CWC Peabody Hall.

Do you feel stressed, sad, lonely, or disconnected?  Or maybe just need a way to be present and improve wellness? Our walk will offer an opportunity for connection with self, others, and nature. Sometimes a walk can shift your entire day. We hope to see you there!

This workshop runs from 9/5 – 11/21.

Led by Emi Lenes and Lisa Buning at CWC Radio Road.

Are you sad, lonely, homesick, missing or grieving the loss of a pet? Come meet Siggi the Therapy
Dog. Held in the 2nd Floor waiting room at CWC Radio Road.

There is no Yappy Hour on 11/26, during the week of Thanksgiving.

Led by Barb Welsch and Jen Stuart

360° Mindfulness: Learn and practice mindfulness with other students, faculty and staff.
Check their schedule and pre-register: https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/index.php/training/