Workshops are no-commitment opportunities to learn and practice different coping skills and wellness habits aimed towards improving the mental health of college students.

Prioritize your wellness by fitting one of our workshops into your weekly schedule. Everyone is welcome and no appointment or weekly commitment is required. Please make sure you show up on time, as space is limited and no one will be permitted to join that session once it begins.

All workshops run between 1/13 – 4/21.

Note: the workshop will not be held on 2/24, 4/6, and 4/13.

Led by Sarah McConnell at CWC Radio Road.

In this workshop you’ll learn the mechanisms that contribute to performance anxiety, effective strategies for rebalancing the mind & body, and tools that you can use immediately to maximize your potential. These strategies are designed to help you perform at your best under high-stress or high-pressure situations such as public speaking, test taking, interviews, thesis/dissertation defenses, and athletic/theater/dance/music domains.

It will be held on the following Tuesdays:

  • 2/18
  • 3/17
  • 4/14

Led by Amanda Alexander at CWC Radio Road.

This workshop starts on 1/28.

If you are experiencing some anxiety, depressed mood, or general disconnection in some way, moving meditation may be helpful for you!

This workshop will use modified Taekwondo forms/movements to create a moving meditation focusing on breathing, grounding, and focused movement. Attendance for only one week can be helpful, and we will continue to learn and practice across the semester so plan to attend each week if you like.

Led by Clark Slagle at CWC Radio Road.

Stress and anxiety feel deeply personal. We are quick to identify causes, perhaps specific people who have hurt are feelings, conflicts with parents or significant others, or stress over exams or grades. Stepping back from this level of focus is Anxiety 101.

A wider lens on our personal suffering is possible through multiple scientifically-based perspectives. These include advances in the ‘fight-flight’ model, an appreciation of emotion as a powerful evolutionary adaptation and somatic, body-based approaches to relaxation and grounding.

Led by Vincent Schroder at CWC Radio Road.

Learn about healthy communication styles and ways to improve connection in your dating relationships. The workshop covers various topics each week.

  • Dating
    • January 22
    • February 19
    • March 25
  • Intimacy
    • January 29
    • February 26
    • April 1
  • Conflict and Arguing
    • February 5
    • March 11 – held at Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs, Reitz Union 2nd Floor
    • April 8
  • Breakups and Healing
    • February 12
    • March 18 – held at La Casita, 1504 W University Ave
    • April 15

Led by Sneha Pitre at CWC Radio Road.

Do you feel stressed, sad, lonely, or disconnected?  Or maybe just need a way to be present and improve wellness? Our walk will offer an opportunity for connection with self, others, and nature. Sometimes a walk can shift your entire day. We hope to see you there!

Led by Emi Lenes and Lisa Buning at CWC Radio Road.

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