Workshops, Spring 2018

General Workshops

We have workshops every day of the week.

Learn how to access your joy and elevate your mood through intentional and research-based practices.

Led by Gizem Toska at CWC Radio Road.

Are you sad, lonely, homesick, missing or grieving the loss of a pet? Come to Yappy Hour with Siggi and Gabe, the Therapy Dogs!

Led by Barb Welsch at CWC Radio Road.

This workshop will assist in identifying your strengths and facilitating the use of effective strategies for overcoming blocks and barriers to achieving your performance potential. This workshop may be useful for any type of performer (i.e. athlete, musician, artist, theater, professional student, etc) with concerns such as (but not limited to) confidence, performance anxiety, test taking, public speaking, choking under pressure, goal-setting, and concentration. Please plan to bring specific questions or concerns so that we can adequately use the workshop time for mental training!

Led by Amanda Alexander at CWC Peabody Hall.

Learn different relaxation strategies each week to enhance your wellness and manage stress more effectively.

Led by Gizem Toska at CWC Radio Road.

Engage in experiences designed to reduce stress, improve well-being, and enhance connection with yourself; qi gong, a massage chair, biofeedback, virtual reality games, and stations set up with mind-body activities. Pick and choose what you’d like to do and for how long.

About Workshops

Workshops are similar to groups but are more focused on starting positive daily habits and building your emotional skills. They don’t require a referral from a counselor so drop in any time!

Please make sure you show up on time, as space is limited and no one will be permitted to join that session once it begins.