Group Therapy helps you to share your experiences with a small group of your peers and a counselor.

Group therapy is as effective and in some cases, more effective than short-term counseling. Many clients find group helps them to feel a greater sense of connection to others and normalizes what they are going through.

This is not a drop in appointment. Attendance is limited and a full semester’s commitment is required. Prospective group members will be scheduled to attend a group therapy screening appointment with the group leader(s) prior to attending.

General Therapy

Release feelings about distressing experiences, develop insights about interpersonal patterns through support and feedback, create connections, and build trust in yourself and others.





  • 1:00–2:30pm, led by Felicia Brown and Clark Slagle
  • 1:15–2:45pm, led by Emi Lenes and Zully Rivera-Ramos

All sessions are held at CWC Radio Road.

No previous experience in art or creative expression required.

Led by Emi Lenes at CWC Radio Road.

Release feelings about distressing experiences, develop insights about interpersonal patterns through support and feedback, create connections, and build trust in yourself and others. For first generation students.

Led by RaiNesha Miller at CWC Radio Road.

Release feelings about distressing experiences, develop insights about interpersonal patterns through support and feedback, create connections, and build trust in yourself and others. For graduate students.

All sessions of this group are held at CWC Radio Road.



Conéctate y desarrolla confianza en grupo. Únete al grupo de terapia en español para conocer y entenderte, a tí y a otras personas, explorando patrones interpersonales a través del apoyo y la retroalimentación en el grupo. Comparte tus sentimientos acerca de las experiencias angustiantes que has tenido.

Led by Zully Rivera-Ramos and Juliana Guitelman at CWC Radio Road.

Release feelings about distressing experiences, develop insights about interpersonal patterns through support and feedback, create connections, and build trust in yourself and others. For women.

Led by Spurty Surapaneni and Maggie Hogan at CWC Radio Road.

Mindful Living & Coping Skills

A 12-week group for motivated students that focuses on reducing anxiety through education and skill building. The group provides information about the nature of anxiety and opportunities to explore and challenge thinking patterns that reinforce anxiety. We build coping skills together so that you feel safe as we practice graduated exposure and reduce avoidance behaviors that get in your way. This group will assist you in facing your anxiety symptoms and learning practical ways to reduce the distress you experience.

All sessions are led by Geoff Lee and Sarah McConnell (except Thursdays) at CWC Radio Road.

  • Mondays – 1:00–2:30pm
  • Tuesdays – 10:30am–12:00pm
  • Wednesdays – 11:00–12:30pm
  • Thursdays – 1:00–2:30pm, led by Geoff Lee
For students who are interested in learning about the traditions and application of common meditation practices and how they facilitate wellness. This group will consist of educational, discussion and practical components for each type of meditation covered so that students can develop a sustainable and individualized practice of their own.

Students may find these practices helpful in pursuing wellness around mood, depression, self-esteem, anxiety, stress management and more.

Led by Jill Vella and Felicia Brown at CWC Radio Road.

Learn and practice Mindfulness Meditation, a time- tested method for helping people quiet their minds, feel more relaxed, and non judgmentally focus on the present.

Led by Julie Abrams-Bernier at CWC Radio Road.

Finding your Voice through Expressive Arts group uses various mediums (clay, painting, mask making) in a supportive setting to facilitate self-awareness, growth, healing, and stress-reduction.  In this group, members have the opportunity to use their own creative, emotional, and intuitive aspects to discover and express themselves. The primary focus of this group is on the healing process by increasing awareness, gaining insights and creating meaning to one’s experience through engaging in an expressive arts activity. The group is also to form close relationships with other group members, find new ways to cope with personal concerns and provide support to others.  This group is helpful to address concerns of, but is not limited to, assertiveness, social anxiety and isolation, trauma, identity development, emotional regulation, and self-esteem.  No previous experience with art is required.

Led by Shu-Yi Wang and Sneha Pitre at CWC Radio Road.

Learn mindfulness and moving meditation practices such as gentle stretches, mindful walking, and chi gong, to help reduce anxiety, regulate emotions, and improve concentration.

Led by Julie Abrams-Bernier and Emi Lenes at CWC Radio Road.

Learn and practice DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) mindfulness and emotion regulation skills to enhance your ability to manage difficult emotions.

Led by Sunie Kim and Breanna McNeal at CWC Radio Road.

Learn and practice DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) mindfulness and distress tolerance skills to enhance your ability to get through difficult times

Led by Sunie Kim and GinaMarie Russo Norcross at CWC Radio Road.

Peer Support

For exploring voices, visions, plurality, presences, premonitions, and other extreme, “unusual,” poetic, spiritual or otherwise alternative beliefs, perspectives, or experiences. For more information please follow this link.

Led by Jim Probert at CWC Peabody Hall.

Develop awareness of personal and relational patterns, view life experiences from many angles, and create new ways of seeing, thinking and doing. To learn more about Intentional Peer Support please visit

All sessions are held at CWC Peabody Hall.




Develop plans for maintaining wellness and for addressing signals of increasing distress. Group emphasizes hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support.  To learn more about WRAP please visit

Led by Jim Probert and Sunni Lutton at CWC Peabody Hall.

Sexual Orientation & Gender

Explore issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and gain support in integrating your identity with other areas of your life.

Led by Carlos Hernandez and Gabby Woodard at CWC Radio Road.

Explore the challenges and joys of integrating one’s gender identity and expression. Process your unique journey through self-awareness and exploration leading towards a greater sense of self-acceptance.

Led by Carlos Hernandez and Yuanhong Huang at CWC Radio Road.

Specific Populations

During the unique experience of graduate school, receive support to survive and flourish, and have a place to discuss your stresses and joys.

Led by Shinlay Rivera and Spurty Surapaneni at CWC Radio Road.

Discuss cultural, career, educational, relational and financial concerns unique to international students and identify available resources to help you.

Led by Shu-Yi Wang and Zacharay McNiece at CWC Radio Road.

Black women are empowered in discussing concerns facing them today and in gaining rituals, self-care, and connectedness for conquering negative patterns.



  • 1:15–2:45pm, led by Analesa Clarke and Victoria McNeil

These groups are held at CWC Radio Road.

Women survivors continue their healing journey through connection with other survivors, and in learning practices for self-care and empowerment.

Led by Julie Abrams-Bernier and Jessica England at CWC Radio Road.

Themed Groups

Share grief experiences while receiving support from others who have lost a loved one. Members explore different aspects of their experience and develop personal approaches to the grieving process.

Led by Shinlay Rivera and Sunie Kim at CWC Radio Road.

Is your inner critic harsh, loud, and makes you feel lousy? Does your relationship with yourself hinder you from feeling the way you want to feel and accomplishing what you would like to achieve? Whether you experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, low motivation, or low self-esteem, you are not alone! Self-compassion is one of the most powerful and effective ways to enhance our well-being. This group will provide a place to connect with one another over difficult feelings and experiences, work together to cultivate more compassion, and create the relationship with yourself that you wish to have.

Led by Ana Cikara and Emily Squyres at CWC Radio Road.

For women with disordered eating patterns or body image concerns who would like to examine their relationship with food and their bodies, and who are in or have been in individual therapy. All sessions are held at CWC Radio Road.




This group offers the opportunity to learn how to maintain recovery in college. Group members explore the telltale signs of addiction, suggestions for living alcohol or drug-free, and learn skills necessary for healthy living.  Some group topics include identifying high risk situations, understanding the recovery process, exploring emotions, and compulsive behavior and isolation.

Held at CWC Radio Road.

In this group we will discuss the use of alcohol and other drugs in a non-judgmental setting, develop an understanding of drugs of abuse and potential effects, identify warning signs for developing an addiction, and clarify your values.

Held at CWC Radio Road.