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About Group Therapy

Group Therapy helps you to share your experiences with a small group of your peers and a counselor. Group therapy is as effective and in some cases, more effective than brief individual counseling. Many clients find group helps them to feel a greater sense of connection to others and normalizes what they are going through.

This is not a drop in appointment. Attendance is limited and a full semester’s commitment is required. Prospective group members will be scheduled to attend a group therapy screening appointment with the group leader(s) prior to attending.

Workshops Listing

About Workshops

Workshops are no-commitment opportunities to learn and practice different coping skills and wellness habits aimed towards improving the mental health of college students. Prioritize your wellness by putting in one of our workshops into your weekly schedule. Everyone is welcome and no appointment or weekly commitment is required.

Please make sure you show up on time, as space is limited and no one will be permitted to join that session once it begins.

Feedback from Students

At the completion of Fall 2013 and Spring semester 2014, 214 group members from 51 groups completed evaluations about their group therapy or workshop experience.

The group counselors created a safe and supportive group environment 100%
Group helped me improve my ability to communicate and interact with others 93%
At the end of group, my overall well being has improved 92%
I am satisfied with the quality of my group experience 97%
Given my experience I would recommend group to other UF students 94%

What students are saying about groups

“My experiences in group have made me more accepting of myself and progressing in life. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

“This was a great group that really helped me to have a healthier college experience.”

“Sense of belonging. Support in hard time.”

“Realizing that other people have the same problems even if they don’t show it.”

“Group was a safe space to take risks and experiment social interactions. It made me feel cared about and motivated me to change my behavior outside of group.”

What students are saying to those who are hesitant to join a group

“In the beginning I was terrified…Once I reluctantly did do this group, my whole perspective changed and I learned more than I could have ever imagined.”

“Group helped me feel connected with others not only in therapy, but in every aspect of my life. Group gave me a much needed confidence boost in my interactions with others.”

“The experience can be a little intimidating at first but use that as a way to grow. Other members are like your team members, all with similar goals for success.”