Kognito is a free online training simulation course to learn effective referral techniques to help and refer. Kognito has three unique training modules, one for friends and family of students, one for faculty members, and one for helping student veterans.

As a friend, family member or UF faculty you may be the first one to notice signs of distress of a student. At UF, it is our shared responsibility to look out for one another and we are here to support you help distressed students. The UF Counseling and Wellness Center offers a free online resource, Kognito, to help you notice when students show signs of stress, learn how to talk about these signs, practice sharing your concerns, and learn how to motivate your them to seek help.

To take this course, follow these instructions:

  • Go to kognitocampus.com
  • Click on “Create a New Account”
  • Fill out form using enrollment key: ufl2323
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Thank you for helping us live in a caring campus community!

More resources can be found on our Faculty & Staff and Friends & Family pages.

In Case of an Emergency

If the student you are concerned about is at risk of harming themselves or others please call 911 immediately. Please remember that calling 911 is not a crime and Medical Amnesty policy protects UF students from getting in trouble when there is a medical emergency.

If there is no immediate safety concerns but you are worried about a friend, CWC staff would be happy to provide support you. For a confidential consultation, please call 352-392-1575.

Remember U Matter, We Care is another great on campus resource. When you’re worried about a student or classmate, also consider calling 352-294-CARE (2273) to share your observations with UF Dean of Students Office.

Learn more about CWC’s Crisis Services.