About the Lab

The CWC’s Biofeedback Lab is our “relaxation room” where you can find six biofeedback stations, a state of the art reclining massage chair, and numerous relaxation items for you to use in the room or in the first floor waiting area.


Our Biofeedback Lab is a self-serve, drop-in service but you must first watch our Biofeedback Training video before you can use the facility. Request a headset at the front desk (or use your own), find an open check-in computer on the first-floor and watch the video.  You must leave your UFID at the front desk while you are using the lab or checking out equipment.

If you need more personal guidance before starting biofeedback a counselor can assist you during our Weekly Wellness Kick-Off at 401 Peabody Hall.


The Biofeedback Lab is located at the main CWC building, 3190 Radio Road, and is open from 8am–5pm.

We also have biofeedback facilities (and much more) at our new Mind & Body Center.

About Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a process that teaches you how to better control your normally involuntary functions such as brainwaves, breathing, and blood pressure. During your biofeedback session, a sensor attached to your skin (or a finger) sends data to software which gives you audio-visual feedback and guides you through exercises to gain better awareness of your nervous system.

The same techniques you learn with the help of biofeedback can be useful for managing:

  • panic attacks
  • anxiety
  • and other stress related issues.

Self-Guided Biofeedback

For best results, we suggest using our lab twice a week and practicing the techniques you’re learning there daily at your own pace. Practicing on your own takes only a few minutes each day, and because the exercises feel good you may find yourself using your new skills several times a day. As with anything, the more you practice the quicker you learn. Over time, and with practice, this awareness of your nervous system can lead to better control of those functions without the use of biofeedback.

Blended Biofeedback Therapy

For individuals with intense anxiety, panic and stress-related medical conditions, staff psychologist Dr. Barbara Welsch and her interns offer one-on-one biofeedback training, combining biofeedback treatment along with individual therapy as needed. These weekly 30-45 min appointment slots continue for 6-12 weeks. Contact Dr. Welsch ASAP if you are interested as these appointment fill quickly at the start of each semester.

Massage Chair

Use of the massage chair is limited to 20 min per person. If there is no waitlist for the chair you may use it for longer.