mind and body center logoConveniently located in the heart of campus at Peabody Hall, the Mind & Body Center is a place to learn about reducing stress and improving well-being through a variety of online, technological, and in-person resources. Meditation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, virtual reality, and movement activities are some of the tools we offer to support a healthy emotional and physical state. We will help you integrate these resources and skills into your daily life so you can have them with you wherever you go.


One service we have at both the MBC and our main location on Radio Road is biofeedback. Biofeedback is a process that teaches you how to better control your normally involuntary functions such as brainwaves, breathing, and blood pressure.

Learn more about biofeedback at the CWC.

Mind & Body Center Suggested Resources

General Wellness Resources

Fulfillment Daily offers guidance on living a fulfilling life through “science-backed” news. –
Need to relax? Calm is where you should go. The website or app encourages you to meditate for a couple of minutes as you watch relaxing nature scenes and listen to soothing music. –
Need to vent? Head to the Thoughts Room and watch your thoughts literally disappear as you type. All the benefits of venting with none of the risk! Check out their other resources located at the bottom of the page. –
Need a quick relaxation break? This 90 second relaxation exercise can help. –
Want some background noise while you study? Offers sounds of the beach, a crowded coffee shop, bird calls, and rain. You can listen to each track at once or combine them to create your most soothing (or productive) soundtrack. –
Falling rain is one of the most soothing sounds there is. Create a personalized soundtrack to adjust the amount and volume of rain, thunder and storm noises. There’s even a timer and a snooze function! –
The Book of Life is an evolving online book that attempts to bring together the best and most helpful ideas in the area of emotional life. Includes guidance on your relationships, the self, your anxieties, and your career. –
The School of Life is a YouTube channel for adults devoted to emotional education. It focuses on topics we’re never taught enough about in college: How can relationships go well? What is meaningful work? How can love last? How can one find calm? –
This Way Up offers online treatment courses for mindfulness, stress, panic, anxiety, depression, trauma, and social anxiety. –


New to meditation? Check out your meditation type in this article from Psychology Today. –
Many of us have heard about the benefits of meditation, but sometimes find it hard to do so! Fewer of us know about the profound benefits of artistic expression. Creating art, however, is another way to access a meditative state of mind and the profound healing it brings. –
Sometime a break needs to be a little bit more active than meditation. If so, try some high-tech doodling? Use your mouse or trackpad to ‘paint’ in your browser. –
Headspace was created for those who struggle to take time for themselves each day. The Take 10 program is 10 daily guided meditations for beginners to train themselves to become more mindful for 10 minutes each day. –
Stop, Breathe & Think is a meditation website and app that helps increase mindfulness – so it naturally helps you destress. With meditations to start and end your day and a way to check in daily and track your progress, you can become more in tune with your emotions and start to think more positively. –
Smiling Mind is meditation for the modern world. Developed by a not-for-profit organization that works to provide accessible, lifelong tools based in mindfulness meditation. Smiling Mind makes meditation easy for all ages, and the simply designed app is easy to use. –


Steps you can take to get good sleep and improve health, work, and life. –
It’s been shown that quality of sleep matters more than the amount of sleep you get, but what are the best ways to perfect your sleep? This post explains all of the biohacks you can do to get the most out of your sleep. –
A short snooze during the day will boost your mood and your intelligence – but there’s more to it than simply closing your eyes. –
Studies have even shown that napping can actually decrease your risk of serious health concerns like the risk of dying from heart disease. But effective napping is as much an art as it is a science. –
SleepBot is a free sleep tracking app that tracks your sleep activity to help you get a good night’s rest and wake you up at just the right time. It also includes an array of sleep tracking metrics (such as a sleep debt log) and information to help you learn smart sleeping habits. –
Sleep Time combines sleep tracking and smart alarm clock, using your phone’s sensors to measure the quality of your sleep and wake you up at the optimal time. Sleep Time also includes soundscapes to help you sleep. –
One of the simplest ways to get more sleep is to just to get to bed earlier. Go To Bed reminds you when it’s time to sleep. Simply set your ideal bedtime, and it reminds you 30 minutes in advance that your bedtime is coming, You can also track your sleep with the app and sync your records to the Health app. –,0301-65402.html is a website offering bedtime calculator that can help you wake up refreshed by finding the best time to go to sleep. –

Anxiety/Stress Relief

Article that provides guidance on different techniques to tackle stress and anxiety. –
Moods is an uncluttered and simple mood tracking app that helps you recognize your anxiety when it occurs. You can enter how you’re feeling at any time of day, and use this information to track and identify patterns. –
Feeling tied down by your frequent thoughts of worry? HelloMind attempts to help you free yourself up from the burden of worry. It offers guided exercises that focus on anxiety, fears and phobias, and confidence, among other things. You can even earn points for listening, and journal your feelings. –
Self-Help for Anxiety Management is an app that offers you an anxiety tracking tool, relaxation instruction, guidance on anxiety management, and a community to interact with other uses. It also interactive relaxation tools to learn how to better manage your emotions and physical reactions to them. – for iOS and Android
If you experience panic or anxiety attacks, this app was made specifically for you. The app uses cognitive behavioral therapy approaches to help you change your thinking that may lead to or worsen their anxiety. Other features include relaxation audio, an anxiety journal, and emotional training tools. –
This app uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you to identify thinking patterns and the sources of your anxiety. It features breathing techniques, habit and anxiety trackers, positive quotes, and forums. – for iOS and Android
Have you ever worried about some future event that never ended up happening? This app helps you manage worry and anxiety by looking at the thoughts that lead us down this path of unjustified stress. It features a logbook for you to track your worries, including what you thought might happen and how the situation actually turned out. As you add to your app, you can monitor trends and learn from your patterns of worry and anxiety. –


Grief is app that offers information about bereavement, grief, feelings and how to help yourself. You can also read others’ stories and watch short films written and made by bereaved young people. –

Resources for Your Body

Down Dog offers a studio-like yoga experience wherever you are. Each time you practice, Down Dog creates a brand new yoga routine so always have new things to try. –
Yoga Studio is useful app whether you are a yoga beginner and have been practicing for some time. The app offers 30 yoga video classes in HD. You can even mix-and match to create their own personal routines. – for Android and iOS
Yoga by Adrienne is a YouTube channel with a variety of excellent yoga videos. Whether you want to work up a sweat, or calm and relieve your tired mind and body, this channel has you covered.
YogaGlo is online yoga and meditation you can do anywhere. Free to use while you are at the Mind and Body Center. –