Latinx Student Wellness

On this page you can find highlighted mental health services and resources intended for Latina/o/x students at UF

This list is not exhaustive and individual needs will determine if anything on this list is relevant.

Mental Health Resources for Latinx Students

Google Doc with Resources for Latinx Students


CWC Talks is a podcast by the Counseling & Wellness Center. Here you can find episodes that feature Latinx faculty, staff, and students at UF.

Imperfectly Perfect is a podcast with CWC’s former Case Manager, Ritzy Ettinger. Episodes discuss topics that promote wellness and strategies that you might find helpful during your college years.

HLA: Salita Stories & Casita Chronicles is a podcast from UF Hispanic-Latinx Affairs. Podcasts will vary from educational topics, to senior shout outs, virtual programming and more. Here you can find an episode featuring CWC faculty member Dr. Rivera-Ramos discussing Latinx Mental Health and Wellness.

Here are some other podcasts related to Latinx identity and mental health.


UndocuScholars Support Page

Stay informed of constantly shifting policies, advocacy campaigns, networking opportunities, scholarships, and other financial aid resources. Find UF, state-wide and nation-wide resources for undocumented students here.


Groups & Workshops

Every semester the CWC offers numerous counseling groups and mental health workshops. Some of these address issues around identity and skill building. Below you can find examples of workshops and groups the CWC has held in the past as well as UF HLA’s workshops and initiatives.


¿Cómo Estás? is our Spanish counseling group.

"Conéctate y desarrolla confianza en grupo. Únete al grupo de terapia en español para conocer y entenderte, a tí y a otras personas, explorando patrones interpersonales a través del apoyo y la retroalimentación en el grupo. Participa y comparte tus sentimientos acerca de las experiencias angustiantes que has tenido."


The UF Gator International Focus Team (UF GIFT) regularly hosts a virtual space for international students and scholars to have a casual, interactive dialogue on a variety of important topics during the cross-cultural transition. Domestic students are welcome to attend as well. Take a break from school and come join us!


Bienestar Collectivo Series

Spring 2021
1/27/21 - Bienestar Colectivo: Latinx Cultural Values (Panel)
Panelists: Drs. Amanda Lawson-Ross, Roberto Abreu, Peggy Ríos, & Zully A. Rivera Ramos
2/24/21 - Bienestar Colectivo: Celebrating Afro-Latinidad & Resisting Anti-Black Racisms
4/14/21 - Bienestar Colectivo: Bienestar Colectivo: Principles of Liderazgo Latinx

Other CWC & HLA Collaborations

The CWC and UF Hispanic Latinx Affairs work closely to provide workshops and events for students. Below are some we've held in the past.

Summer 2020
Resisting Anti-Black Racism in Latinx Communities
Dame un Like: Relationships & Social Media
Salita Stories & Casita Chronicles Podcast on Latinx Mental Health
CWC@HLA Virtual Visits

Fall 2020
Combating Racism within our Community
Cuídate: Latinx College Mental Health

Latinx Identifying Counselors

We self-identify with diverse ethnicities, including Caribbean, Colombian, Cuban, Honduran, Puerto Rican, and Salvadorian. Also, many of us are bilingual and fully fluent in Spanish and English. We look forward to working with you!

photo of Ernesto Escoto

Ernesto Escoto, PhD

Director, Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Associate Professor
stock photo of flowers

Carlos Hernandez, PhD

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mercedes Machado

Mercedes Machado, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
photo of Olivia Pitkethly

Olivia Pitkethly, MA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Consultation and Referral Team Specialist
photo of Peggy Rios

Peggy Rios, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Associate Professor
photo of Zully Rivera-Ramos

Zully Rivera-Ramos, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Assistant Professor

Latinx Student Wellness YouTube Playlists

Find information about Latinx mental health as well as Spanish-language guided meditations.
Latinx Mental Student Wellness

UF Hispanic-Latinx Affairs

UF Hispanic & Latinx Affairs (HLA) aims to support, empower and advance the Hispanic-Latino/a community at the UF. By offering culturally and historically relevant programming and initiatives, as well as spaces which welcome all forms of Latinidad and the broader community, HLA educates and forges solidarity between the Hispanic-Latino/a community and its allies.

Multilingual Brochures

With the support of CWC clinicians we have two of our brochures (our general brochure and “How to Bounce Back: Growing Your Resilience”) translated into Spanish.


UF Campus Resources

UF’s Anti-Racism website The purpose of this site is to keep our community up-to-date on the work taking place at all levels across the university to understand our past, address racism and promote equity.

ASPIRE: Diversity & Inclusion Program

At CWC, we value diversity and recognize the unique challenges students may face based on one’s race, ethnicity, color, worldview (religion, spirituality, and other values), age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, size, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information, veteran status, and the many other ways one might identify. We strive to create a supportive and empowering environment that is inclusive of all students.

Learn more about Aspire