Winter is coming (or winter is here)

2022 Workshop: Winter is Coming (or Winter is Here): Strategies for Proactively Managing Your Mental Health this Semester

Session 1 Winter is coming: syllabus week just ended, what’s next in thinking about how to engage in mental health wellness for the remainder of the semester

Session 2 – Which Stark child are you?: Each one of the Stark children in the HBO show Game of Thrones had different personalities, strengths, and personal challenges they were working through. Come discuss yours as you continue to understand yourself and how to continue navigate through the twists and turns of the semester

Session 3 – Getting your house in order: Discussing what resources and connections you would have access to that will help you navigate through what is coming this semester so that you can identify that beforehand.

Session 4 Winter is HERE! : If you are already dealing with stressors and an overwhelming semester, what do you have access to currently that can aid you. 

1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11


Facilitator: Dr. Ebony Okafor and Pearis Bellamy

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