Meet Your Ambassadors: Peter

In this series we’ll be sharing interviews with our AWARE Ambassadors, student mental health ambassadors who help spread the mission of the CWC through outreach presentations and events.

Peter Doyle has been involved with AWARE for the past 5 years and is the current AWARE Student Coordinator

Describe your college experience (so far) as an AWARE Ambassador.

My participation as an AWARE Ambassador is a highlight of my UF experience.  In this role I have coordinated with a range of student groups and clubs that I’d likely never have encountered, so my boundaries have expanded and I have a better appreciation of the extensive Florida community.  As an Ambassador I have the opportunity to engage with many students who have questions about the CWC’s services, and I value these interactions with the many different people who are seeking information. My favorite aspect of being an Ambassador is that individuals often feel comfortable coming to us with questions, and it is satisfying to be able to be a resource and to provide information that may be helpful.  After five years on campus, I am pleased to see so many familiar people that I have met because of AWARE, and I also enjoy seeing all the new faces at AWARE events.

Why did you want to become coordinator?

Since I joined AWARE five years ago, the organization has experienced many changes.  I have participated under the guidance of several different coordinators and also different faculty.  Because I have experienced these different leadership styles, each with their own merits, I hope to combine the strengths of them all and continue to support the growth of AWARE.

What are some of the recent successes AWARE has had?

At the beginning of the semester we brought 19 new ambassadors into the organization, which is amazing.  It is always inspiring to see new faces who all have the same passion. Also, we recently hosted our Fall Wellness Fair; in addition to providing free food, drinks, and giveaways, we used this event to spread information about the services the CWC has for the UF community.

What goals do you have for AWARE?

I want to organization to continue to grow both in numbers and ability.  We currently do a fair amount of outreach on campus but there is never a limit to what can be done.  I want new and returning ambassadors to continue to bring their ideas to AWARE so we can turn them into new events for students.

What are you most excited for in AWARE’s future?

I’m excited to see how AWARE will continue to adapt and change to the growing needs of students.  The ambassadors always have incredible ideas and I can’t wait to see what future years of AWARE ambassadors will come up with next.

Your personal message to recipients

If you are passionate about mental health I urge you to apply to AWARE.  I can’t imagine my college career without this organization. It is one of the best decisions I made while at UF.  If you have already applied but weren’t selected as an ambassador, APPLY AGAIN! It’s never too late to get involved.