Sunni Lutton, PhD

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Counseling/Counselor Education, University of Florida (May 2018).
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Northern Kentucky University
B.A. Psychology, Thomas More College
A.A. History, Thomas More College

Professional Interests

My professional interests include working with survivors of trauma from a rights-based, trauma-informed approach. I genuinely enjoy interacting with and understanding the many unique parts that make up an individual as they make their way through the human experience of life. I seek to connect and form relationships with individuals as a part of hearing and bearing witness to their story in the many different chapters they may seek to explore. Being beside someone as they recognize their strengths, despite the adversities they may have faced, is one of my favorite parts of life. I also enjoy advocacy work as it pertains to multiple social justice issues, particularly as they situate in the counseling and counselor education professions. My research interests include the individual experience of trauma and crisis, as well as the mental health recovery movement.

Approach to Therapy

I am Jungian at heart. For me, it is through exploring a person’s story and the multiple parts of that story that their archetypes come to life. These archetypes may be explored in terms of their strengths to help individuals cope with the adversities that may occur in some of the tougher life experiences. I seek to collaborate with clients to find creative ways for them to explore, express, and balance the different roles happening in their life. I love to utilize many different avenues of creativity including the use of pop culture, sandtray, use of metaphors, narrative therapy, music, etc.

Approach to Wellness

I take care of myself by consistently seeking to find and maintain balance in all things (work and play; alone and being with others; etc.). I love to swim, or more specifically float in the water and read a good book, preferably something really scary. I love to spend time with my family and take trips by car with my husband to Cincinnati to see our son, eat Cincinnati chili and pizza, and see the Reds play some baseball. I also find comfort, companionship, and fun with my dog Daisy Mae Doodlebug (Doodle for short).