Denise Rodriguez, MS

Psychology Intern



  • Psy.D Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale
  • M.S, Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale
  • B.A, Psychology, Florida International University, Miami

Professional Interests

Denise’s professional interests include cultural humility, culturally-informed grief counseling and how trauma surrounding grief can play a role in coping after loss. Further, her interests expand into working with anxiety and panic disorders through empowerment and skill building, as well as working with client’s to process difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

Approach to Therapy

Denise believes in the uniqueness of every client’s story and utilizing self-compassion, empathy and encouragement to create a collaborative effort between client and therapist to move together toward the client’s goals. She is passionate about creating a space of safety and acceptance and approaches therapy through a humanistic and person-centered lens.

Approach to Supervision

Denise’s approach to supervision incorporates a strong emphasis on collaboration and support to openly discuss not only the trainee’s strengths but the areas they wish to grow and develop within.

Approach to Wellness

Denise is passionate about advocating wellness through self-care that fits naturally and feels attainable to each person’s life. She believes that wellness and what constitutes self-care can look different person to person and expand past just behaviors to also include finding everyday moments of joy and implementing emotional self-care as well. She also encourages emotional expression, connection and community as important facets to aid in moving toward personal wellness.

Other Activities

Outside of the office Denise enjoys music, dancing, creative writing, and anything that involves sunshine and the beach.