Join us for Crossing the Globe, a special collaboration between CWC and UF Engineering

Ypsilanti, Dan

Studying abroad, living in a foreign place, can be amazingly exciting yet nerve-racking. Crossing the Globe invites you to join Engineering and Counseling and Wellness faculty to explore important topics every Tuesday related to such unique experiences.

First session starts 10/6 and all sessions start at 6pm.

  • From 6:00-6:15pm Meet & Greet
  • 6:15pm Program Starts


10/6 – Chasing Dreams Across the Globe

Studying abroad, pursuing one’s dreams, across the globe is a life-changing adventure. What is critical in making such a big decision? What challenges and adjustments are common in such pursuits? w/ Dr. Eric Jing Du, Dr. Honggyu Kim, Dr. My T. Thai

10/13 – Meeting the Unknowns

The initial stage of arriving at a foreign city and country could be filled with excitement and anxiety. What are some challenges in the beginning of meeting the unknowns? What are some good strategies in navigating through these challenges? w/ Dr. Hugh Fan, Dr. Wolfgang Sigmund, Dr. S. Balachandar

10/20 – Finding Supportive Advisorships & Mentorships

Relationships with academic advisors and mentors have significant effects on graduate students’ well-being and academic success. How to find and build supportive advisory relationships is vital for international students. w/ Dr. Nam-Ho Kim Dr. Sara Behdad Dr. Jenshan Lin

10/27 – Cross-Cultural Contacts & Identity

The journey as an international student changes and expands one’s cross-cultural experiences. How do these cross-cultural experiences affect one’s development and identity? w/ Dr. Antar Jutla Dr. Rafa Muñoz-Carpena Dr. Tan Wong

11/3 – Dual Career Couple & Long-Distance Relationship

Many international students have their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner who may also be pursuing their academic dreams. They may be at different institutions. After they graduate, how to find jobs in the same city may remain a challenge. How to manage such a long-distance relationship is of importance to many. w/ Dr. Katherine Deliz Dr. Zhaohui Tong Dr. Kirk Ziegler

11/10 – Think Globally, Act Locally

International students are global adventurers who want to know the world and promote the betterment of the world. Meanwhile, actions often have to start from their own communities and cities. However, where is their own community/city? For UF gators, how to know the Gainesville community and get engaged in the community activities? w/ Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, Dr. David Kaplan, Dr. Angela Lindner

11/17 – Building a Home Away from Home

Having a home away from home is important for the well-being of international students. However, the makeup of such a home could vary for different individuals. What can be the key ingredients for such a home away from home and how can international students build such a home for themselves? w/ Dr. John Mendoza-Garcia, Dr. William Pelletier, Dr. Gloria Kim

CWC Committee: Drs. Sneha Pitre, Shinlay Rivera, Spurty Surapaneni, Saloni Taneja, Srishyama Vempaty, Chang-Yu Wu, Mei-Fang Lan