Psychology Resident, Clinical Assistant Professor


Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Spalding University
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Spalding University
M.Sc., Applied Psychology, Pondicherry (Central) University, India
B.Sc., Psychology, University of Madras, India

Professional Interests

I am a generalist interested in but not limited to: Positive Psychology; Psychosocial and Relationship/Interpersonal concerns; Struggles surrounding self-worth, identity, and other concerns of the ‘self’.

Approach to Therapy

I respect and honor what is brought into the therapeutic space, where valuable relationship factors develop into becoming a bedrock of good psychotherapy. Being warmly attuned to my clients’ emotions and appreciative of their courage and vulnerability is inherent to my work. My therapeutic orientation is primarily psychodynamic intertwined with humanistic, multicultural, feminist, cognitive-behavioral, and positive psychology approaches. I utilize evidence-based treatments by tailoring interventions to individual client needs and their wide range of presenting concerns. 

My commitment to students’ growth is rooted in empowering them while promoting an engaged and a fulfilling life. While being respectful of diversity, I cherish the powerful essence of shared identity and feelings of inclusion, as it transcends differences without disregarding them. My inclination to blend with people’s varying cultures enables me to take a multidimensional perspective of our intersecting identities in association with our unique as well as shared experiences, strengths, and values.

Approach to Supervision

In my belief, there is nothing comparable to being a part of meaningful supervision that brings with it a sense of support and connectedness. My introspection extends to the delivery of collaborative supervision while being mindful and respectful of supervisee’s needs, developmental level, and the interpersonal processes within the supervisor-supervisee dyad. In other words, I fuse Events-Based and Integrative Developmental Models of supervision. As I strive to be present and observant of our privileges and inherent power dynamics, several micro-moments arise in the relationship that have a great potential to enhance the supervision process.

Approach to Wellness

Engaging in contemplation; Connecting with nature and near and dear ones; Watching movies of different languages; Listening to music and philosophical talks; Practicing meditation; and Reading.

Other Activities

QPR Certified Gatekeeper Trainer for Suicide Prevention

Member of American Psychological Association (APA) and International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)