Psychology Intern

portrait of yamini bellare


Ph.D. Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Ball State University

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Eastern Illinois University

Professional Interests

Yamini’s areas of professional interest include issues of diversity, counseling international students, working with trauma survivors, issues of anxiety, depression, women’s concerns and mindfulness. She is also passionate about supervision and training. Her research interests focus on international cross cultural research, everyday stranger harassment, and self-compassion.

Approach to Therapy

Yamini’s theoretical orientation is integrative in nature and includes components from Cognitive Behavioral, Interpersonal Process, and Feminist Therapy nested within a multicultural and strength based framework. Multicultural sensitivity is at the heart of her approach. She focuses on how client’s intersecting cultural identities influence their distress and then seeks to harness their natural strength and resilience. Yamini modifies individual components of her framework and tailors treatment plans and interventions to suit the individual and cultural needs of her clients.

Approach to Supervision

Yamini takes a supportive, collaborative, multiculturally sensitive and developmental approach in supervision. She strives to create safe, and growth promoting supervisory relationships with her supervisees. Using interpersonal process and feminist perspectives are integral components of Yamini’s approach.

Approach to Wellness

Yamini enjoys reading, cooking Indian food, meditation, watching movies and television shows, travelling and painting.

Other Activities

Yamini is an active member of APA Division 2, 17 and 35.