Psychology Intern


Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Oklahoma State University
Masters of Science, Educational Psychology, Oklahoma State University
Bachelors of Arts, Psychology (Sociology), Bowdoin College

Professional Interests

RaiNesha’s clinical and research interests include understanding the varied ways in which an individual’s identities impact their perceptions of and interactions with the world and how this ultimately affects the individual’s psychological functioning and emotionality. Specifically employing an intersectionality approach, RaiNesha seeks to explore how the possession of multiple marginalized identities influences the individual’s differential experiences of stress, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Approach to Therapy

RaiNesha’s approach to therapy emphasizes the empowerment of clients to find their voice and define their personal life narratives for themselves. The integration of Feminist and Cognitive Behavioral therapies helps to achieve this work by identifying the internalization process of social messages and cognitively restructuring those messages to be more in alignment with the client’s true self-perception. RaiNesha also focuses on building rapport with the client as the therapeutic alliance serves as the foundation of the therapeutic process.

Approach to Supervision

RaiNesha’s approach to supervision uses relational aspects (i.e., rapport building, mutual empathy, and transparency) as the foundation to her implementation of the learning theory. In this capacity, RaiNesha works with supervisees to build, improve, and maintain clinical skills that best service the client while working to eliminate and correct those clinical techniques that do not. The collaborative construction of goals and formative feedback helps to promote a bidirectional learning environment that is safe, judgement-free, and authentic.

Approach to Wellness

RaiNesha enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, listening to music, cooking various dishes only with the use of her imagination and southern roots, and listening to Podcasts on how to live a life in alignment.