Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Consultation And Referral Team Specialist


M.Ed./Ed.S., Counselor Education – Mental Health Counseling, University of Florida
B.S., Criminology & Sociology, University of Florida

Professional Interests

Ms. Mason’s clinical and research interests include group therapy, LGBTQ+ population concerns, Rogerian person-centered therapy, trauma recovery, suicide awareness and prevention, multicultural counseling, Socratic questioning, Gestalt therapy, emotions-focused therapy, and resilience.

Approach to Therapy

Ms. Mason’s approach to therapy emphasizes the building of a strong foundational relationship between counselor and client. Her work is significantly influenced by Rogerian person-centered therapy, emotions-focused therapy, and Gestalt therapy. She incorporates multicultural counseling into every interaction with clients, and her work largely focuses on client resilience, strengths, and increased self-awareness.

Approach to Wellness

Ms. Mason enjoys being outdoors, teaching group fitness classes, attending sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. Ms. Mason also finds meditation and mindfulness to be particularly powerful practices for her when considering her own wellness. She loves reading mystery novels, exploring new cultures, and trying new foods.

Other Activities

Ms. Mason is a certified Group Fitness Instructor, and she enjoys teaching strength-oriented classes whenever she has free time. She loves teaching about the intersection between mental and physical health.
Ms. Mason is currently working towards her licensure as a mental health counselor in the state of Florida.