Assistant Director/Outreach Director/Licensed Psychologist

portrait of gizem toska


PhD, Counseling Psychology, University of Florida

Professional Interests

Dr. Toska’s clinical interests include mindfulness, meaning making, identity development, self-compassion/self-esteem development, loss and grief, adjustment, and diversity issues. She particularly enjoys working with international students, Muslim students, and students from the Middle East. Dr. Toska also has a strong interest in providing training and outreach services. She is involved in training of pre-practicum, practicum, and intern counselors at the CWC. She serves as the CWC Outreach Director.

Dr. Toska’s research interests include counselor development, constructivism and personal worldviews, supervision, and international student concerns.

Approach to Therapy

She enjoys individual, couples, and group therapy. Dr. Toska’s work is informed by humanistic, mindfulness-based, and relational-cultural approaches. Her style is best described as integrative, and varies depending on client needs. Common threads in her therapeutic work includes increasing understanding of self, making peace with self, making meaning of one’s struggles and process, and integrating different aspects of self for enhanced sense of well-being.

Approach to Supervision

Dr. Toska’s supervision is mainly developmental, supportive, and interpersonal in nature. Deepening supervisee’s understanding of self via reflection as well as focusing on the counselor, client, and supervision dynamics are integral parts of her supervision process.

Approach to Wellness

She maintains her personal wellness by resting, being, and connecting. She enjoys the solitary time she has while reading and doing e-crafts. She engages in activities that connect her to the here-and-now such as exercising, dancing, and being in nature. She also seeks to have quality time with her loved ones.

Other Activities

Dr. Toska teaches graduate and undergraduate psychology courses at the University of Florida. She also volunteers as a trainer at the Alachua County Crisis Center.