Certified Therapy Dogs


photo of siggi, therapy dogSigmund F. Welsch, AAT-C is a six year old male (neutered) Havanese. He is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International and the highlight of his life is coming to “work”, riding in a backpack with his therapist mom on her bicycle.  He offers a weekly Yappy Hour for students.



Gabriel (Gabe) Stuart, AAT-C, is a 5-year-old male Shih-tzu. He received his therapy dog certification through Therapy Dogs International and cannot wait to put it to use at the CWC. When Gabe is not cuddling or sitting on laps, he enjoys wrestling with his brother, Zack, chasing his squeaky ball, and going on the occasional weekend hike. One of Gabe’s favorite things is making new friends wherever he goes. He already loves all the new friends he has made at the CWC.

Working dogs at the CWC must be certified and hypoallergenic. While we like our canine friends, only service dogs and certified CWC therapy dogs are allowed in the CWC. Emotional support animals are not be permitted in the Radio Road building nor the 4th floor of Peabody Hall.

Therapy Dog FAQs


Therapy dogs are used in many settings to decrease anxiety and stress and increase feelings of happiness and well-being.

In many cases, these dogs work just by being themselves and making themselves available for companionship. In some cases, a therapist may bring a dog into session to work on a specific issue that may be difficult to talk about in other ways.

All therapy dogs at CWC are certified by Therapy Dogs International, a widely recognized national organization.

The TDI certification process includes evaluations of the dogs’ temperament, obedience, and health to ensure that they are ready to interact with a variety of people in a therapeutic setting.

Yes! If there is a therapy dog at the reception desk while you are at CWC, we encourage you to interact as much as you are comfortable. Like any relationship, building the trust of a therapy dog may take a little bit of effort.

Make sure to approach slowly, offer your hand, and let the dog get comfortable with you. Before long, you will probably have a new friend!

Whenever there is a dog in the building, there will be a sign at the front desk letting you know which floor the dog is on. You are welcome to wait on another floor if you prefer.

Mondays and Tuesdays will be designated “dog free days” at CWC. On those days, you can be assured that there will not be a dog at the reception desk on any floor.