Licensed Counselor

portrait of roberta seldman


PhD, Counseling Psychology, University of Florida,

Professional Interests

Dr. Seldman is a specialist in the area of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. She started the Eating Disorders Treatment Team in 1993 at the Student Health Care Center and coordinated that multidisciplinary team for 17 years. She also worked as the psychologist for the University Athletic Association for 15 years. Her current interests in the area of clinical practice and research is the area of mindfulness meditation and its application to psychotherapy. This also includes body-centered therapies that support the mind body connection such as EMDR, ACT, and Mindfulness –Based Stress Reduction.

Theoretical Orientation

Dr. Seldman is a relational-cultural therapist whose training reflects Gestalt, mindfulness, and other body-centered modalities.

Approach to Supervision

Dr. Seldman’s approach to supervision is therapist centered. She takes a developmental approach to supervision, encouraging increased autonomy as trainees become more comfortable with themselves and encourages them to bring their authentic self into both the therapy session and supervision.

Approach to Wellness

Dr. Seldman is an avid cyclist, paddler, and outdoor enthusiast. She has backpacked into numerous back country settings and incorporates the natural world into her idea of healing. She practices meditation, yoga, and contemplative photography as well as gardening, reading, singing and sailing. She also sees connection with friends and family as key to knowing Joy in life.

Other Activities

Dr. Seldman spends off time with her family preferably outdoors. She also spends 6 weeks a year in meditation retreats.