Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Portrait of Laurel NesbitEducation

M.Ed./Ed.S., Counselor Education, University of Florida

Professional Interests

Laurel’s counseling interests include self-awareness, mindfulness, multicultural concerns, and spirituality. Her clinical work has focused on crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and working with the law enforcement community to improve officers’ understanding and skills in engaging citizens with mental health concerns. In addition, she is a Certified Enneagram teacher.

Approach to Therapy

Her counseling style is client-centered, emotion-focused, and process-oriented. Laurel’s work is grounded in humanist and existential approaches, and focuses on helping the client gain a new perspective or understanding of themselves in their world. She is committed to developing an authentic and respectful relationship between the counselor and the client.

Approach to Wellness

Laurel engages wellness through connecting with her family and loved ones, reading, listening to music, and being outside.

Other Activities

Laurel has been involved with the Alachua County Crisis since 2010. She is also is the President of the Board of the Alachua Conservation Trust, a local non-profit land trust.