PhD Student & Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

portrait of sunni lutton


Ph.D. Student at University of Florida in the Counselor Education program. M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Northern Kentucky University.

Professional Interests

My professional interests include working with survivors of trauma and the severely mentally ill, as well as those seeking to understand their identity as a part of the human experience. I very much enjoy connecting and forming relationship with individuals as a part of hearing and bearing witness to their story. Working toward finding the intersection between an individual’s pain and their resilience and strengths is one of my favorite parts of the journey. My research interests include the individual experience of trauma and crisis. I am also interested in researching ways to bridge the gap between academia and clinicians in community settings.

Approach to Therapy

I am Jungian at heart. It is through exploring a person’s story that their archetypes come to life. I seek to collaborate with clients to find creative ways for them to explore, express, and balance the different roles happening in their life. I love to utilize many different avenues of creativity including the use of pop culture, sandtray, use of metaphors, narrative therapy, music, etc.

Approach to Supervision

Building relationship serves as the foundation to my approach in supervision. Collaborative learning and moving in and out of the different roles of a supervisor are an important focus for me. Bernard’s discrimination model is the model I most closely identify with.

Approach to Wellness

I take care of myself by consistently seeking to find and maintain balance in all things (work and play; alone and being with others; etc.). I love to swim, or more specifically float in the water and read a good book. I love to spend time with my family and take trips by car with my husband. Trips usually include exploring different towns, especially beach and college towns.

Other Activities

I enjoy teaching and providing supervision for new counselors at UF in the College of Education. Finding a way to express my love of counseling by teaching and supervising teaches me consistently how to be a better counselor. I also actively participate in Chi Sigma Iota, Beta Chapter as Co-chair of the Advocacy Committee and Doctoral Student Representative. Attending and presenting at conferences on utilizing creativity in trauma treatment is another activity I regularly enjoy.